A KS3 activity which introduces pupils to the origin of our number system through angles. Involves them identifying acute, obtuse and reflex angles. Estimating and measuring angles and finally working out missing angles using angle facts (on a line and round a point). Could last a full lesson if done in detail. Good start to a unit of work on angles with higher ability KS3 or Foundation KS4. Each pupil will need a copy of the worksheet - could be shrunk down to A5. See notes on Power Point for some more explanation.


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  • The origin of Numbers Worksheet.doc

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    user avatarseloff6 years agoreport

    Showing numbers as historical interest. It's very good. Thank you

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    user avatarGareth15126 years agoreport

    A nice activity based on the topic of angles. It looks at the origin of our number system and gets pupils measuring all the angles in the numbers. An interesting and engaging way of getting pupils identifying and measuring acute, obtuse and reflex angles. I would use this as a differentiated main activity in a lesson on angles.