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zip, 41.68 MB
Imagine all of your students actively engaged in a unit on The Stone Age with very little preparation on your part! Sound wonderful? It is!!

This Stone Age activity includes five PowerPoint programs for five different groups on five different topics related to the Stone Age.

Group A – Paleolithic migration, tools, fire, and language
Group B – Paleolithic food, shelter, clothing, and Neanderthal vs. Cro Magnon
Group C – Mesolithic fertile crescent, ice age, megafauna extinction, and cave paintings
Group D – Neolithic farming, domestic animals, polished tools, weaving
Group E – Neolithic villages, pottery, religion and ritual, and government

The activities in each group are many and varied, allowing for creative research and development of the topic. The unit helps the students with the 4 C's of education; Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, and Collaboration.

This is a cooperative effort. When one group finishes their four tasks, the students are encouraged to divide up and join other groups to help finish their tasks. Eventually, all groups will finish with the assistance of everyone in the classroom. As each group finishes, you’ll see that the teacher PowerPoint program allows you to click on the group and cover it with a rock.

After everyone is done, your students will present their findings to the class. As each group presents, your PowerPoint program will allow you to make the rock disappear so you can keep track of which group has gone.

Finally, the class discussion involves learning how the Stone Age people influenced modern people.

Depending on the level of ability of your students, this unit can take anywhere between 4 days and two weeks.

Materials needed:
For every group:
Access to a computer
Pocket folder
Labels for front of folder
Crayons and pencils
Printouts of challenges

Additional materials for other groups include clay, pastels, chopsticks, yarn, a plastic needle, and cardboard - all easily obtainable supplies.

Your students will work eagerly and cooperatively to complete this Escape Cave Quest so they can avoid the saber-toothed tiger! No additional preparation is required on your part!


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