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Presentation on diet in Tudor times, comparing rich and poor diets, and discoveries of new foods during the age of Atlantic exploration by the Tudors. Can be shown as a presentation with discussion points or printed off as a booklet. Has accompanying differentiated worksheet : children compare rich and poor Tudor diets.

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CreatedFeb 23, 2012
UpdatedJun 30, 2014

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    user avatarMoo944a year agoReport

    The resource is great but I wanted another one that says:

    Hunting in Tudor times
    HenryVIII loved hunting in the forests that covered much of the land in Tudor England. He hunted animals like deer........... And so on but I can't find it anywhere

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    Great, thank you

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    user avatarekoskya year agoReport

    Thank you a great resource for Year 7 SEN

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    A fantastic powerpoint! Thank you.

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    PowerPoint is fantastic. Very well explained and clear to follow. Thank you very much for sharing!

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