Un Sac de Billes de Joseph Joffo

I have used excellent worksheets created by my ex- head of department (thanks Sue!) and produced a longer (and hopefully improved) booklet to use when studying 'un sac de billes'. I welcome any comments / corrections / suggestions. Hopefully other people out there are studying 'un sac de billes' and have thought of other interesting things to do with it.


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    Merci beaucoup pour ce dossier qui fournit beaucoup d'inspiration !

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    user avatarSavina year agoReport

    Merci beaucoup pour cette etude d' Un sac de billes. Auriez vous les réponses s'il vous plait . C'est la premiere année que je l'etudie avec mes éleves et le temps me manqué pour trouver tous les details dans le livre.
    Encore merci !

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    This was a great set of resources. I just picked the book up last year during a trip in France, thinking it would be a good one for my students. I just read the book this past week, and came up with my own set of questions, and project ideas, and then looked at this resource, and I feel that with all of that I have put together along with this one, the students will get a lot out of the book. I like how the grammar exercises are also a part of the resource, particularly as they cover so many grammatical aspects. Thank you!

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    Merci mille fois!!!

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Nov 17, 2014