Unit C2 I can maths targets

Sub-levelled I can targets for years 1 - 6 with reference to previous and next years and units.


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  • Fantastic resource - saved me so much time.

  • CJGilmore3 years agoReport

    Such a useful resource, thank you!

  • mntaylor773 years agoReport

    if I had time, i would copy this onto all 15 pages of I can statement resources. These are a brilliant idea and will really help me and the other teachers pitch lessons correctly. A huge thank you and well done for making them! I am taking them to the head and maths coordinator on Monday morning.

  • Thank you. This has saved me quite some time and will come in handy for the deathly boring and pointless task of self assessment!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Singora7 years agoReport

    Thanks for sharing. Thanks for sharing. Have been working on something similar for my school and this has saved me heaps of time!