VCOP display photos and high 5 sentence reminder

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Photos of things I’ve used in my classroom, from other people’s ideas, to remind children about Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (VCOP) for Big Writing. The superhero pictures were downloaded from here from another very kind poster. High 5 hand to remind them about 5 key points for writing sentences (idea from another poster on here). Also see connectives posters uploaded separately. Topics also included: classroom display.

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CreatedJul 23, 2008
UpdatedJan 21, 2015

4 Reviews

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    user avatardianesbd4 years agoReport

    Will take these ideas on board next term. Thank you.

  • 4
    user avatarlilackaty5 years agoReport

    Thank you so much for the high 5 - my son does it at his school but couldn't remember them. I am going to use them with my Yr 4s next term

  • 4

    Thank you. Great resource and fab idea to introducing VCOP.


  • 3
    user avatarmojowatt7 years agoReport

    High 5. The high 5 hand is great! We are calling it fist of 5, but its the same thing. Have been struggling about what to put in it so thanks for you pic - gave me some inspiration!