Wanted Poster Template

Two wanted poster templates that I am currently using whilst teaching Little Red Riding Hood. High level template contains space to draw picture, as well as 'Description&', &';Wanted For', &'Last Seen&'; and 'Reward&' headings. Low level template offers more specific headings such as &';Fur colour', &'Eyes&';, 'Ears&', &';Teeth' etc.


12 Reviews

  • srgladwin7 months agoReport

    Just what I was looking for. Have adapted for my pirate topic! Thank you.

  • kelter10 months agoReport

    Brill. Thanks

  • grove13a year agoReport

    Can be adapted. Thanks

  • blackbob4a year agoReport

    Brilliant resource. Thank you so much for taking the time to share. Really appreciate it.

  • LPGifford2 years agoReport

    Very helpful! I have adapted for lessons on The Highwayman.