What is love? Assembly KS1

As they entered the hall I was playing the song 'All you need is love&' from Love Actually - calm atmosphere! At the front of the hall I had a selection of objects that mirrored those shown in the slides. We talked about what love was - is it chocolates and romantic meals? or is it dirty washing? (Our mums and dads do the washing up because they love us etc) We then read through Guess how much I love you - which I acted out along the way. It lasted for approx 20 minutes. I know it is simple but it might just help someone out :)


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    puppy98a year agoReport

    Just what I need for my EYFS RE on Christian values. We are reading this book and have linked it to the lost sheep bible story too. Thanks for sharing

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    bluekoalaa year agoReport

    Thank you

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    Exactly what I was looking for. A great starting point for my P2 (KS1) assembly on love in February. Thank you for sharing!

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    musickaren3 years agoReport

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    looking forward to using this with my reception class - thanks :)

Feb 12, 2011
Jan 12, 2014

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