World War I Assessment: What factors create change in/with global responsibility? Newspaper activity
WWI Assessment

UQ: What factors create change in/with global responsibility?
WCO: evaluate degrees of effectiveness supported by quantitative process

Key Concept: Change Conflict GC: Fairness & Development
Century Skills: Global Awareness (Reasoning)
4 C’s: Critical Thinking
MYP Criteria D

After the Allied Victory in WWI, there was a need to draw up a Peace Treaty that would bring a close to the war. ‘The Treaty of Versailles was created in June 1919. When writing this treaty, the victors did not include the defeated in the negotiations. Furthermore, the defeated were forced to give up large amounts of territory. They were forced to pat large reparations; the defeated were forced to disarm beyond reasonable point; the allies received unequal benefits from the treaty, One British delegate was quoted saying “we arrive determined that a peace of justice and wisdom should be negotiated: we left it conscious that the Treaties imposed upon our enemies were neither just nor wise”.

Your Task: Describe what factors created changed in the US global responsibility pre WWI; during WWI; and post WWI
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