World War II Unit Plan with 18 Lessons and different resources for you to use- GREAT LESSONS!
Part 1
1. Responsibility Sheet

2. 1932 Election / after WWI
a. 1932 Election
• Students read the three candidates and highlight points they like best
• In the margins students write who they like the least
• Most will find out they like the Nazi Party
b. After WWI
i. Reading and complete worksheet
3. Rise of Dictators
a. Yertle the Turtle by Dr. Sues- What allegory is he talking about?
b. Notes on Dictators
c. Facebook page for a dictator- Need computer
d. Exerts from Mein Kampf

4. Rise of Dictators Continued-
a. Is Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy a terrorist state during WWII? Compare with ISIS/ISOL
Part 2

5. Road to War
a. PPT and Notes
b. Munich Conference DBQ
c. Appeasement worksheets

6. War: Nazi/ Soviet PACT Game, Battles Day 1
a. Nazi Soviet Pact Game- Begin Battles Notes (w/ PPT)

Part 3

7. War: Battles Continued
a. Complete Notes w/ PPT
b. Web quest
c. Midway significance DBQ

8. Weapons of WWII
a. Film- 45 mins
b. Create a Brochure (need comp)

9. Holocaust – Schindler’s list- 2 days
a. Watch film
b. Students work on portfolio project

Part 4

10. US Enters WWII & War on Home front- 2 days
a. PPT and Notes
b. DBQ War on Home front
c. Debate Civil Liberties and National Security/ Patriot Act
d. Korematsu Vs. US
e. Film Clip on Japanese Internment
f. DBQ – Espionage Age, Sedition Act, Japanese Internment DBQ, Passage of Patriot Act
g. Lend Lease Debate
h. Was America’s Role in the War crucial?

Part 5

11. Debate: Atomic Bomb- 2 days
a. Read Documents
b. Debate

12. Secrets of War: Weapons of War: Chemical & Biological Weapons
a. Film (51 mins)
b. Debate
Part 6

13. Facebook : Overview of WWII
a. I used this as a play, then students answered Questions
b. Overview of WWII- Notes with film clips (I have the video- email me to make a copy-

14. Ending WWII
a. PPT and Notes
b. Article US and USSR Reading
c. Web quest
d. Primary source analysis
e. Debate: Post WWII: what will happen to post-war Europe?

15. Yalta and Potsdam?
a. Was It Effective or did it begin another World War?
b. What would you do?
c. What actually happened? PPT and notes
16. Other
a. Writing Assignment
17. Review
18. Test
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