Writing Assignment: Research Paper Civil Rights Movement
Writing Assignment: Research Paper
Civil Rights Movement

Writing a Research Report
- Write a hypothesis about one of the following aspects of the Civil Rights Movement:
- the growth of de facto segregation in the North
- the Montgomery bus boycotts
- the role of northern volunteers in the southern civil rights movement
- the urban riots of the 1960s
- the conflict between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr
Use your hypothesis as the basis of an essay that tests the hypothesis

- Identify an unanswered question about the topic you have chosen
- Write one sentence- which will be your hypothesis – it should provide a possible answer to the question
- Use the library or Internet to find three different sources of information that can be used to support or disprove your hypothesis

- Write an introductory paragraph in which you identify the question you are trying to answer and propose one hypothesis. Use your hypothesis as a thesis statement for the paragraph
- In separate paragraphs, explain how each piece of evidence you have found either supports or disproved your hypothesis
- Write a concluding paragraph in which you restate , modify, or reject your original hypothesis

- Use MYP Guidelines
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