WW2 cross-curricular codebreaking project

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A bit of maths and history all bundled together. A project that goes a bit off piste from the National Currciulum, but encourages students to realise the value of resilience and perseverence when solving mathematical problems. We taught it over a couple of lessons to the whole of y8. There is a range of resources suitable for low to high attainers. Get maths and history teachers working together to deliver it!


  • Codebreakers Introductory Powerpoint.ppt
  • Caesar Shift WW2 codes.doc
  • Frequency Analysis.doc
  • Pigpen cipher WW2 codes.doc
  • Transposition Cipher.doc
  • Vigenere Square WW2 code.doc
  • Codes and answers.doc

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    user avatarmesparris3 days agoreport

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    user avatargingermela month agoreport

    Excellent resource that really engaged the students

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    user avatarslakin12 months agoreport

    Love this!!!! Thank you for making it free!!!

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    Excellent. A few minor mistakes such as a word missing from the Pigpen Cipher, so do work it through before you use it.

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