Y4finding fractions of amounts & number worksheets

Y4. 3 differentiated worksheets to help children learn how to find fractions of amounts, using pictures of cakes to help them! (s=support, c= core, e=extension) ALSO included the smartbook lesson I did to accompany the worksheet with examplest o look at together, where the cakes can actually be moved into groups. Includes a start activity to drag fractions onto a number line and a plenary activity to drag fractions next to pictures. Please leave me a comment if you like my worksheets etc! Thanks!


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  • littlesta month agoReport

    Great resource, thanks for sharing

  • Amelie-Lou2 months agoReport

    Thank you, lovely resource.

  • waseemaQ2 months agoReport

    Excellent! thanks for beautifully presented work.

  • ccrute2 months agoReport

    Thank you so much for kindly sharing this. I adapted it for my Yr 3 (Primary 4) class. Just perfect!

  • jsul197782 months agoReport

    Great! Thanks!