A-levels revision for MFL

Flora Michti
03rd May 2019
A-levels revision for MFL

Booklets, games and bookmarks to help MFL students revise for their A-levels

Are you looking for some last-minute resources to review grammar, writing and other key areas with your French, German and Spanish learners? Check out these comprehensive revision packs and boost your students' confidence in tackling the looming A-level exams.

General revision booklets

MFL Revision Tips and Strategies

Powerpoint containing tips and strategies for students to use when preparing for MFL tests and exams. Targeted at Year 9 but could be used (or adapted slightly and then used) with Years 7 and 8, or even older pupils. Non subject specific, but with some examples from French and German.
By newfiftytwo

MFL Speaking and Writing Level Ladders

I keep laminated copies of these, and I distribute them to students when they are preparing to sit an assessment. I also use it with my year 9 top set classes as part of a lesson where I provide them with exampler pieces and ask them to mark it and give it a level - which is also useful to ensure that I can trust their peer-marking!
By andrewpi44


19 French A-Level revision quickies

More A level revision quickies here:


For an free online self-marking version of these go to: www.language-gym.com/work-outs/.

STEP 1 - Select French
STEP 2 - Select Vocabulary
STEP 3 - Select Advanced level

Any feedback would be more than welcome
By Gianfranco Conti

A Level French Phrases Bookmarks

A bookmark to help A Level students use idiomatic expressions in their speaking & writing. This resource was designed specifically for Unit 2 (AS speaking), Unit 3 (debate) and Unit 4c (literature/history) of the Edexcel A2 French exam.
By Anon1726129268841640

French A Level grammar checklists

a student checklist for both AS and A2 French grammar based on AQA specification but can also be used for other boards. The checklists also include some useful websites for reference & practice
By anyholland

French A level Grammar Booklet

A complete French grammar booklet (123 pages) that includes the following:

Aimed at A level students.

§1 Passé composé / perfect tense
§2: Subject, direct object and indirect object
§3. Personal pronouns: direct and indirect object pronoun
§4. Past participle: agreements
§5. Passe composé or imperfect?
§5.1 Plus-que-parfait – pluperfect
§6. Present or future, perfect or future perfect?
§7. Uses of conditional and conditional perfect
§8. Sentences with si
§9. The passive
§10. Depuis etc: points to note concerning tenses:
Venir de
Il y a
§11. Use of the infinitive
§12. Relative pronouns (1)
1.1 qui
1.2 que
1.3 ce qui / ce que
1.4 word order
§13 Relative pronouns (2): dont
§14. Relative pronouns (3): relative pronouns after a preposition
§15. The subjunctive (1): formation, some uses
§16 The subjunctive (2): uses (cont.)
§17 Asking questions (1): inversion
§18. Asking questions (2):
General exercises
Indirect questions
§19. Pronouns: en
§20. Pronouns: y
§21. The Imperative
§22. Demonstrative pronouns
§23. Emphatic pronouns
§24. Possessive pronouns
• Key to exercises

By laprofdelangues


German Escape Room for A Level revision

A lesson that your students will not forget quickly! This resource was a featured revision resource on TES.com
A spy themed escape room activity in which students need to do German language related puzzles to get a code to jump from one website to the next in search of the “mole” . Ideal as vocab and grammar revision for year 12 or year 13 for AQA German AS/A Level (based on the Hodder text book). Will keep them focused even in the last lesson before the holidays!
It includes vocab from the topics celebrations, digital world, architecture and Berlin.
There is a “digital only” version and a" digital+paper" version. The “digital+paper” version is more fun because it involves the game website and real life puzzles ( jigsaws, code wheels and string activities) that make the activities more “real”, but requires quite a bit of preparation by the teacher. The “digital only” version only requires two print outs and a little bit of taping and can be done last minute.

Comments from my 6th form students:
“This is intense!” “This was the best lesson I’ve had in some time!” “Can we do another one soon?”

The resource includes:
Link to “Findet den Maulwurf!” website
Teacher instruction, including how to put together the puzzle items and example pictures
Teacher answers
Powerpoint with game introduction
Puzzles to print out/Files for digital versions

By jusch12

German A-level essay writing phrases

A detailed list of useful expressions for A-level essays and coursework. Hope it can be of use to somebody!

By FrauSue

GCSE German Grammar/Preparation for AS Level

This is a 36 page booklet covering basic grammar for GCSE level. It uses simple, none topic specific vocabulary as the focus is on grammar. There are simple explanations, exercises and solutions at the back of the booklet. I also give this to prospective Year 12 students to work through over the summer as a reminder/preparation for the AS level. I also have the whole thing as a Smart Notebook document, where answers can be revealed. Selected parts could also be used with good KS3 groups. 20 Grammar points are covered. Please see below.

• Personal Pronouns Page 3
• The Present Tense of Regular Verbs Page 5
• Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense Page 7
• Haben and Sein Page 9
• Separable Verbs Page 10
• The Perfect Tense with Haben Page 11
• The Perfect Tense with Sein Page 14
• The Perfect Tense with Haben and Sein Page 16
• The Future Tense Page 17
• Modal Verbs Page 19
• Word Order (Simple) Page 21
• Word Order (Complex) Page 22
• Word Order (Time, Manner, Place ) Page 23
• Prepositions with the Dative Case Page 24
• Prepositions with the Accusative Case Page 26
• Dual Case Prepositions Page 28
• Plurals Page 29
• Relative Clauses Page 31
• Questions Page 32
• Comparatives and Superlatives Page 33
• Solutions Page 35
By Vicky79

German Grammar Bookmark

Print this off on card and fold in half to make a book mark which has lots of the grammar needed at Sixth Form Level.
A useful Gedächtnisstütze for all!
By djoneillmfl


Revision topics Spanish A-Level

He recopilado las preguntas más importantes para cada uno de los temas de A-Level de español (Spanish AQA) incluye las respuestas.
Cada diapositiva es un tema diferente, hay una media de 4-5 preguntas.
Mis alumnos lo han encontrado muy útil, les permite repasar los temas de forma fácil y rápida.


By Sara3c

A- Level Spanish essay writing

Based on a French version, I created the Spanish one, to help students organising the writing of their Descriptive and Creative Essays for A2.
By moreneta

Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet

Spanish A Level Grammar Booklet. This booklet (120 pages) provides a very comprehensive study of the main grammar points needed at A level (sections of the booklet can also be used at GCSE level). Each section includes an explanation of a grammar point and a variety of activities to consolidate knowledge and understanding. The booklet is divided into the following sections:
1. Nouns
1a. gender
1b. number
2. Articles
3. Adjectives
4. Comparatives and superlatives
5. “Por” and “para”
6. Contractions
7. Negatives
8. Questions
9. Personal a
10. Relative pronouns
11. Possessive adjectives and pronouns
12. Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
13. Direct object pronouns
14. Indirect object pronouns
15. Direct and indirect object pronouns used together
16. Apocopation
17. “Ser” and “estar”
18. Conjugating verbs
19. Present tense
19 a. regular verbs
19 b. irregular verbs
19 c. stem-changing (or radical-changing) verbs
19 d. reflexive verbs
19 e. “gustar”
19 f. back to front verbs
20. Preterite tense
21. Imperfect tense
22. Preterite vs imperfect
23. Present perfect
24. Past perfect (or “pluperfect”)
25. Future simple
26. Conditional
27. Commands (the imperative)
28. Present progressive (or “present continuous”)
29. Present subjunctive
30. Passive voice (and how to avoid it)
31. Conditional clauses
Verb tables

By corcuera

AS - A Level AQA Spanish Booklet

Y12 & Y13 booklets with useful tips and advice for the AQA exam. Most of the credit goes to the website Languages Resources.
By rockmonkey

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