Assessing pupil progress in maths

Craig Barton
26th February 2020
Teacher writing algebra and maths symbols on blackboard to test students

Ensure students are on track with their learning with this selection of assessment ideas and homework packs

Doesn’t time fly? With a month’s worth of teaching under your belt, it’s time to make sure that your pupils have really grasped everything they’ve learnt so far. To help you we’ve hand-picked a selection of assessments, quizzes and booklets that will enable you to quickly evaluate the extent of your students’ understanding.

A big thank you as always must go to the talented members of the Tes maths community, whose resources continue to provide new and imaginative ways to help students cement their understanding.

Craig Barton, Tes Maths Adviser

Mixed topic testing

From adaptable homework booklets to multiple choice quizzes, ensure that your students are regularly practicing their all-important retrieval skills with these exercise ideas. Designed to assess areas of misunderstanding across a range of key topics, there’s no better way to keep an eye on pupils’ general progress.

Brockington College Maths homework booklets

All of the homework booklets I design for my Maths department, free and in one place.

Obviously cannot post answers here, but happy for people to email me for them - a DM on twitter with your email address is the best way to get them.

Note there are a few images borrowed from different places. Apologies for any infringement and please just let me know and I am happy to credit or change as required.
By Peter Mattock

Plenary Ideas for Mathematics

A collection of 28 slides on a PowerPoint. Each slide is a different plenary you can use in a variety of mathematics lessons. Topics also included: planning.

By jknapp

Multiple Choice quizzes - GCSE maths higher

Multiple choice quizzes to help recall knowledge through low stakes testing. Answers included. Powerpoint included for those who would like to edit any questions

**updated 04.06**
Two more multiple choice quizzes put on. Re uploaded 150517 edition due to wrong answer.

Hope they are some use :)
By steele1989


We have piloted these quizzes with our 2 maths groups. They are working a treat! We give them the quiz at the beginning of the topic and then sort 2 sets from the results. With these flexible groupings, we then teach the topic. A flexible approach is key as if a child struggles/excels, we move groups. At the end of the topic (the following week) we redo the tests and they children on the whole make progress.
By Smithy667894

Topic-specific assessments

Some subject areas require a little more attention that others, so why not assess your students’ comprehension of key themes with the help of these assignments? Covering fractions, algebra and transformations these easily adaptable exercises are ideal as low-stakes tests when consolidating learners’ understanding.

Transformations topic assessment Levels 2-7

Here are end of topic test for transformation split into 2-4, 3-6 and 4-7. Mark scheme with level boundaries are included. Feel free to use and abuse. I would love your feedback. Thanks in advance.
By Japleen Kaur

End of Topic Mini Test/Marking Grid - Algebra Manipulation - Foundation Test 3 + Answers

Useful end of topic summary test + answers. Complete with marking grid to give students easy to read feedback, tips for improvement and extension work.

Great for showing comprehension, then progress if students are given time to make correction or attempt the extension based on teacher feedback.

In this test:

Form expressions
Simplify expressions
Simple substitution
Expand a single bracket

Lots of other topics and levels available.
By maths_and_quizzes

Year 7 Maths Assessment

I use Heinemann level up 4-6 book with my year 7. This is what the end of unit test I prepared for Numbers and Algebra. It is a word document. So editing can be done according to your need. Thanks.
By santhisam

GCSE Maths Algebra, Number 10 minutes assessments/ starters/Plenary

10 minutes quick assessments are put together to be used as a starter or plenary. It gives quick feedback to teacher as well as students. Resources are designed keeping FE students in mind.
Any further suggestions are welcome as I will be putting together similar assessments for Geometry and Data for GCSE Maths.
By manisha2011

Post-16 resources

End-of-topic assessments don’t always have to be in the standard format. Challenge students to identify false statements about modulus graphs, spot and correct common differentiation mistakes, or work together on an in-class project with these alternative exercises and adaptable booklets.

Homework Packs For A Level Maths

Homework packs, using exam questions with a space for feedback.
For every module, one copy for Teacher and one copy for the student.
We use these in our department, keeps homework organised and hopefully a useful revision tool.

Wait for FP3

Further Pure 2, Core 2 and Core 4 are now up, these packs do get updated, if errors are found.

C4 has been updated, thank you ConnorP

Core 1, C1
Core 2, C2
Core 3, C3
Core 4, C4
Statistics 1, S1
Statistics 2, S2
Mechanics 1, M1
Further Pure 1, FP1
Further Pure 2, FP2
Decision 1, D1
Decision 2, D2
By MrMunem

A level Maths: Logarithms worksheets and revision

Using logs. Great amount of differents resources on logs.
By Susan Whitehouse

Modulus graphs always, sometimes, never true

Students must classify statements about modulus graphs and transformations as always, sometimes or never true. Students should give reasons for their answer - in particular is they think something is sometimes true they should explain under what conditions it would and would not be true.
By eweston

Erica's Errors On Differentiation

Erica has started calculus but is struggling yet again. Please help correct her work and explain what she has done wrong in each case. Designed to promote discussion in the classroom.
By alutwyche

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