Assessments for secondary students

Tara Wright
01st October 2019
Assessment for secondary students

Make assessment easier using these hand-picked resources to support with assessing your students

As half term approaches you will be thinking about setting student assessments in preparation for the first data collection of the year. Save yourself time by selecting one of these hand-picked assessment resources.

Whole School

NEW 1-9 Grade forecaster (Enter the flightpaths and it will automatically complete the analysis)

NEW 1-9 Grade forecaster (Enter the flightpaths and it will automatically complete the analysis)

The document will graphically represent the cohort proposed flightpaths.
It will also automatically compile the analysis sheet showing the expected progress of each group.

This is ideal for current Year 8 onward if you track 1-9 grades throughout the school with fine grades of .1, .2, and .3.

Thanks for looking
By tesresources1978


English Baseline Assessment for KS4

Two assessment activities designed to help teachers who suddenly get a new KS4 student in their classroom and need an idea on their current level of understanding and skill. I tend to use the 'Test B&' first and then use &';Test A' if I think it is needed.
By humansnotrobots

English Pre-Assessment test

A test covering a wide range of reading and writing skills. This assessment could be used at a variety of grade levels.
By aharrison87

French greetings & numbers assessment

French assessment aimed at beginners/lower ability learners. Covers the four skills though you will need to do your own audio!
Could also be used as a worksheet.

Check out my blog for more teaching thoughts and ideas - the link is in my profile!
By EverybodyEducating

MFL Assessment Sticky Labels

This is a template we made to make sticky labels for teacher/peer/self assessment of written work.
By HelenDawn


Year 7 maths test papers

Could be used for assement so for year 7 to monitor their progress.
By kesi06

Year 7 Maths Assessment

I use Heinemann level up 4-6 book with my year 7. This is what the end of unit test I prepared for Numbers and Algebra. It is a word document. So editing can be done according to your need. Thanks.
By santhisam

Non-Calculator Arithmetic Mastery Assessment

An end of topic assessment on non-calculator arithmetic, suitable for a GCSE Foundation class (or a Higher class who need to practise this topic). Written for the new 9-1 spec.

The assessment covers:

  • all four operations on integers

  • dividing with a remainder

  • bank statements

  • multi-step worded questions

  • multiplying decimals

The resource comes with worked solutions, making it easy for you or your students to mark.

Also included is a follow-up resource which contains questions for strengthening understanding, as well as extending it. This supports a mastery style of teaching - if students do not demonstrate full understanding they're given more support before moving on to a new topic. If students have fully understood, they complete extension work.
By SimplyEffectiveEducation

Area and Perimeter assessment

Area and Perimeter assessment, with follow up activities. Students complete assessment, and then are given feedback and directed towards relevant follow up task.
By doddmaths

Science & Computing

Ks 3 Science

This worksheet is a compilation of Cambridge Checkpoint Science questions paper 1 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology with mark scheme. This worksheet cover all the topics in Science for KS 3 and it is designed to enable teachers of Science prepare their students adequately for any KS 3 Science Checkpoint exam, and also serve as question bank. The beauty of this worksheet is that it contains the mark scheme for pair and self-assessment.

By okorodudujk

Year 9 Computer Science Assessment

This year 9 computer science assessment could either be used at the start of the year to assess suitability or at the end to assess learning. Another option is to do both and measure student progress and impact of teaching. Students aspiring to student computer science at GCSE must aim to score between 30 and 75. Answers/ Mark scheme provided.

By Christopher Taylor

IGCSE Biology Specification Question Sheets

I wrote these question sheets along side the Edexcel Specification and give them as a final lesson to my students when they have completed a topic to be sure they can fully accommodate the requirements asked of them. The mark schemes are completely arbituary and I just use my judgement but added them in an effort to get students thinking in exam mode. Hope they are helpful!
By ClaraJean

Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science Assessment of Progress Indicator

Teacher and student resource for the iGCSE Cambridge Computer Science course.

This is a simple. but effective and easy to use tick box progress indicator system with all iGCSE Computer Science topics listed. The topics are grouped by the syllabus specification, with all topics from the Oxford University Press "Complete Computer Science" textbook included.

Keep track of the progress of your lessons with each Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science class (by making multiple copies), or provide the resource to your students, so they can keep up to date with the progress and follow the syllabus. It could also be used for Exam revision planning by the students.
By The Big Bunny


RE Assessment Pack KS3

RE Assessment Resources 3x 1 hour assessments with accompanying powerpoints, worksheets, feedbacks sheets, marking/level guides suitable for KS3/4 RE and easily adapted. Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for’ Good’ or above.

All our PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each.

You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources
Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)

Or you can check out some of our most popular PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources below:
Mental Health PSHE Bundle
1 Whole Year of PSHE Resources
British Values Citizenship Bundle
Careers, Employment and Enterprise Bundle
Islam Bundle
Sex and Relationships Education

By EC Resources

Coasts assessment

A short assessment that could be completed in 40 minutes for KS3 students. Includes questions on erosion, deposition, landforms and defences. Aimed at mixed ability classes - most pupils should be able to complete most of the sheet, with a couple of mildly challenging questions at the end. Now with assessment grid.
By krystina2

Castles Assessment

This assessment draws conclusion to the Year 7 topic of castles.

The assessment is interpretations based (new AQA spec) and wholly GCSE style questions. This resource includes the student question booklet/materials and support materials are included as well as the mark scheme (which can be customised if necessary to suit your schools flightpath models).

Please review if downloaded! I hope this is helpful for you in your lessons!

By mrshopehistory

WW1 History Assessment

**KS3 History Assessment - Causes of WW1 - Causes of World War one. **
Product Code: HIS/C8/WB/07
All our paid exam resources are fully editable.
This resource is based on a History GCSE Style essay question about the causes of world war one and “how far do you agree with each interpretation”.

This Assessment / exam is out of 35 marks and consists of;
Section A: 15 Knowledge and Understanding short answer questions
Section B: A 16 mark + 4 for SPAG Substantiated judgement essay about interpretations of the causes of world war one.

The new History GCSE Objectives are as follows:
AO1: demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the key features and characteristics of the period studied.
AO2: explain and analyse historical events and periods studied using second-order historical concepts.
AO3: analyse, evaluate and use sources (contemporary to the period) to make substantiated judgements, in the context of historical events studied.
AO4: analyse, evaluate and make substantiated judgements about interpretations (including how and why interpretations may differ) in the context of historical events studied.

This resource contains:

    1. Knowledge Based Exam Paper
    1. 1 Essay Question
    1. Essay improvement sheet - Linked to the Action Points on the feedback sheet.
    1. Feedback Sheet - with marking scheme, example answers and grade boundaries to be used by students or teacher
    1. Question mark analysis - Track missing marks to improve exam technique
      Product Code: HIS/C8/WB/07

This resource is fully adaptable to fit your own schools assessment criteria and is currently set up to follow the 1-9 GCSE formula and simplifying it for KS3 students.

You may also want to check out our other popular selling History resources:
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History General Knowledge Quiz
AQA GCSE History - Norman England Revision
Causes of the English Civil War
The Tudors - Henry VIII and Edward VI
The Big WW1 Quiz
Geography Quiz

By Cre8tive Resources


KS3 Art Assessment sheet

Quick and Easy to use KS3 art assessment sheet that follows the new 9-1 GRADING and features a students friendly assessment grid based on the WJEC Art and Design marking scheme.

Includes 3 progress checkpoints to allow students and teachers track progress over the school year!

Happy Teaching! :)
By RND86

KS3 Assessment Grids

KS3 assessment grids in line with the Edexcel GCSE PE 9-1 Specification
By rhiannonlavin

KS3 D&T Assessment without levels grid

So as the curriculum does not allow assessment with levels our school use key words:

Foundation: e.g. L3-4
Secure: e.g L5-6
Developing: e.g. L6-7
Excellent: e.g. L8

Here I have broken down the KS3 Curriculum into the main focus areas:

Technical Knowledge
Cooking and Nutrition

There are posters and a modified grid available to purchase here:

This grid work best in a3 size, and should be 'printed to fit' ; in your print settings. I have used a font that is specifically designed for dyslexic children.

Would be great to see how you use it, follow me on twitter: @razfromcav

By leilarasarathnam

Risk Assessment PE/Rounders

This is an easy risk assessment to use.

By simisterlucy

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