Bringing more black experiences to the classroom

03rd July 2020
Bringing more black experiences to the classroom

    Don’t let the fear of saying the wrong thing, stop you from saying anything.

- Folashade Omishola, Head of External Partnerships


Tes stands in support of Black Lives Matter and against all forms of racism, injustice and inequality.

It is and has always been our mission to support and connect teachers worldwide, helping them to improve the lives of children through education.

Many of the inequalities we see and experience today have deep roots in education. Inequalities, that have been underscored by recent extreme events, require us to be more self-aware and to hold ourselves accountable – to be intentional in what we say and what we do.

Tes pledges to do more to support our diverse community of teachers, to facilitate more opportunities for discussion and understanding, and to amplify more voices and causes that have struggled to be heard.

Tes recognises the need to use our platform and take a more active role in the fight for equality and fairness. We recognise the need to create safe spaces for challenging and often uncomfortable conversations. We recognise that change can be unsettling but a change for good is necessary and overdue. If we can begin to close the inequality gaps in education, then real actionable change can be achieved.

We understand that young people especially, will have many questions about racism and inclusivity in schools, initiating important discussions that have been accentuated with events around the world at present. We know that Black and minority ethnic educators and support staff will have safety concerns about the reopening of schools, the demographic being more at risk to coronavirus, whilst also being adversely affected by the trauma of extreme events and the barrage of recent violent visuals in the media.

We see that there are two global pandemics currently affecting the Black and minority ethnic community disproportionately, which is why we support movements such as Black Lives Matter.

We want all our teachers to know, especially our BAME teachers, that Tes supports you.

Tes will be supporting the following:
- Campaigns to make anti-racism education compulsory in schools 
- Campaigns to include Black British History in the national education curriculum
- More diverse education groups; we are finalising partnerships that we hope to announce soon
- The “Time for Change - How a Racist Education produces a Racist Culture” conference organised by Oasis Charity Trust founder Steve Chalke MBE and taking place on 18th July


We know that more is required to erase the inequality gap, so we've partnered with BBC, Into Film and The Black Curriculum to bring you a selection of resources to support the teaching and understanding of the Black Lives Matter movement, black British history, Black, Asian and minority ethnic contributions throughout history and anti-racism. Click here to visit the Black experiences hub.

We would like to invite contributions of teaching resources from our teachers and partners for the following categories.

  • Black British history
  • Black Lives Matter movement
  • Black and Asian contributions throughout history
  • Anti-racism
  • Guidance for Black and Asian staff returning to school (being more at risk to covid-19)
  • Mental health resources
  • Understanding human rights and protesting to uphold them


Any teachers wanting to contribute new resources can visit our become an author page for more information about sharing on Tes, or upload their resources immediately using our uploader tool here. For further guidance, please email the Tes author team at

We understand that anti-racism resources may include imagery that some find disturbing or offensive; we need to understand our history, even the worst parts of it. However, we ask that you avoid sharing graphic video footage of black trauma and are sensitive and empathetic to the needs of students and teachers who may download your resources.

Tes is also organising a thought leadership event (exact date to be confirmed soon) to discuss how current events can be a catalyst for change across the education sector, how educators and policy makers can work towards finding solutions for racial inequality, and to discuss how to create more spaces for diversity and inclusion in education.

Tes will continue in its mission to support teachers and we welcome your thoughts and suggestions for what more we can do. In our sector, we know that there is always more to learn.

With warm regards and our continued support,

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