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05th March 2019
GCSE science: chemistry

Prepare your students for their chemistry exams with our range of student-led resources

With three seperate subjects to revise for, science can often be daunting for students. So, to help build their confidence and relieve the pressure in chemistry, we have brought together a range of resources, from revision games to exam questions, in order to prepare your students for May. Looking for more GCSE or iGCSE science resources? Visit our GCSE science collection.

Student-led revision resources

GCSE AQA Chemistry Task Cards

A set of task cards for the AQA Chemistry GCSE. I intend to use them with my Year 11 classes for revision both in class and for homework.

The word document has them smaller and it might seem they are in a weird order but if you print them back to back it saves on paper - I've laminated a class set.
By sarah.comfort

AQA GCSE PowerPoint Revision Mat Bundle for Chemistry Unit 1-10 - Now with completed answer grids!

UPDATED 09/2018 with typed as well as handwritten answer grids.

Contains editable PowerPoint revision mats for AQA chemistry GCSE 9-1. PDF file bundle available at a discount.

Unit 1- Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
Unit 2 - Bonding, Structure and the Properties of Matter
Unit 3 - Quantitative Chemistry
Unit 4 - Chemical Changes and acids and alkalis
Unit 5 - Exothermic and endothermic reactions and cells
Unit 6 - Rate and extent of chemical change and reversible reactions and dynamic equilibrium
Unit 7 - Organic Chemistry
Unit 8 - Chemical Analysis
Unit 9 - Chemistry of the Atmosphere
Unit 10 - Sustainable Development and Earth's Resources
By Professor_Bunsen

Mind Maps for ALL of the Chemistry Content of AQA GCSE Chemistry & Combined Science (2018 exams)

Mind maps to support learning for the entire AQA GCSE Chemistry and GCSE Combined Science for 2018 exams.

These summaries cover every single section from the specifications and cover both the Combined Science and Chemistry specifications and also show clearly which is Higher content.

They are PDF files that can be incorporated into powerpoints, given out as a handout at the beginning of a topic to give the ‘big picture’ of the unit, and then referred to throughout the unit and/or used to encourage students to look ahead at what is coming next.

Powerpoints of the PDF files have been included as a bonus to make it easier to include them into presentations.

They can also be used as a revision tool – questions on the mind maps help pupils to see the point of each section and can also challenge them to add missing information or make their own better mind maps, using the specification as a reference point.
By harriet8

Revision Cards - AQA Separate Chemistry 5.1

Revision cards for AQA Separate Chemistry 5.1.

Higher Tier and Separate Questions are clearly identified.

If you like what you see, you can purchase the revision cards for all the other units. Hopefully you will see the benefit of purchasing the full set, for a small price, over the days of work that it takes to produce these.

Ultimately, they are a great revision resource for pupils and will help to improve results.

There is a question on the front and an answer on the back of each card. On the reverse of each card, there are also three circles - the idea being that the pupils can tick a circle each time they get the card right (to help them reduce their pile of cards).

The cards relate directly to the AQA specification, but may also be useful for other specifications.
By gcserevisionmonkey

Knowledge organisers

New AQA GCSE Atomic Structure revision poster 2018 exam

This is a revision poster based on the first chemistry topic in the new AQA Trilogy course. It could be used as a support placemat throughout lessons, but I tend to give pupils these as a revision summary at the end of the topic. It contains keywords for the topic and information for each of the subsections. It is very text heavy, so may only be suitable for higher ability pupils, which is the group I am teaching. I have pulled ideas together from similar formats already on TES. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
By paulamac29

GCSE Edexcel 9-1 Combined Science Chemistry Knowledge Organisers (Year 10, CC1-CC12)

A set of knowledge organisers for Edexcel 9-1 Combined Science Chemistry for the first 5 topics, Year 10 (CC1 - CC12 using the Pearson identifiers). The knowledge organisers look good printed out on A3 and are a useful revision aid. Each topic has 3 sheets one for Higher, Standard and a support sheet giving a total of 24 sheets. CC13-17 available soon.

By comfyteach

AQA Trilogy Chemistry Paper 2 revision map

Revision map with questions and gap fills for Chemistry Paper 2.
Separate documents for higher and foundation and model answers for each provided.

By jwoody

Crude oil and fuels knowledge organiser

A GCSE Chemistry knowledge organiser on the organic chemistry topic crude oil and fuels suitable for the new AQA Syllabus. Includes chemistry of the alkanes and alkenes (Crude oil, fractional distillation, cracking, fuels, reactions of alkanes and alkenes, naming, general formula and polymers.

By polarity24

Exam practice

Science GCSE Exam Skills Lessons

These 7 lessons are designed to teach students key skills they will need to complete science GCSE exams. Lesson should apply to any exam board (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, etc). All examples (apart from a very small amount) are real exam questions or use real exam tables and graphs from old spec (A*-G) and new spec (9-1).

Slides with blue headings are for information and students to take notes if you wish. Slides with orange headers are questions and activities for students to complete.

Not all lessons will last a full hour and others may be slightly too long. You know your classes best so use your judgement.
Lessons DO NOT need to be taught in order, but it would help to do lesson 1 first.

Lesson 1 - Variables
This lesson teaches students independent, dependent and control variables and more importantly how to identify them from tables, graphs and text in exams.
It also covers continuous and categoric variables and which types of graph should be plotted.
Lesson 2 - Conclusions
This lesson teaches students to write conclusions from graphs and tables of data, what it means if data is directly proportional and the difference between describe and explain questions
Lesson 3 – Comparing and Evaluating
This lessons teaches students what to do if they come across the command words compare or evaluate and not just to restate the information in the question
Lesson 4 – Graphs
This lesson focuses on how to plot graphs, how accurate students must be, drawing lines of best fit and dealing with anomalies.
Lesson 5 – Means, Significant Figures and Standard Form
This lesson reminds students of the need for certain mathematical skills in all science (not just physics equations). It covers how to calculate means and check you’re right, taking anomalies into account and how to use standard form and significant figures.
Lesson 6 – Writing Methods
This lesson teaches students how much detail is needed if they are asked to write a method and the need to describe the use of the apparatus.
Lesson 7 – Keywords
This lesson teaches students about common misuse of scientific keywords. For example, when they say something would be more accurate when they mean precise.
By 20806884

aqa trilogy chemistry paper 1 mock exam questions

I have created a mock style paper that I used with my year 10 class ahead of a chemistry paper 1 PPE.
The questions cover the content of the c5.1-c5.5 sections of the AQA TRILOGY GCSE exam spec. The total marks are 56, not the typical 70 marks expected of a paper. I used these for a 'walking talking' mock with my class. Questions have been taken from AQA past papers in Core, Additional and Further Additional papers.
They would be good prep if you plan to use the specimen chemistry paper on the aqa website with your class as a PPE. Its free to use so please give feedback if it helped you :)
By tkelleher2015

GCSE Chemistry Revision Quiz

50 Question multiple choice revision quiz for GCSE Chemistry. Ideal class activity testing knowledge and understanding of content from across the specification. Suitable for students who have completed or nearly completed the course as part of a revision lesson and helps with developing memory recall skills. Contains some higher tier questions which can be edited for lower ability groups. Fully editable with ‘Ask me’ to give all students opportunities to answer.
The quiz makes use of a 15 second timer to encourage quick thinking and improve speed of knowledge recall, after which the question is covered, only leaving the possible answers. Incorrect answers chosen are highlighted red to provide instant feedback to the students during the quiz and allowing for opportunities to discuss the correct answer.
When playing the presentation, the quiz is navigated by on-screen buttons to encourage students to answer all questions rather than skipping through to ensure that they are familiar with these topics and consolidate their learning across the course. This also provides opportunities for students to identify areas of weakness where they need to focus their revision.

By jdlangford1

Sample Exam Papers. Chemistry Edexcel paper 1 (combined and separate) 9-1 spec. Higher

To help my students I wrote these in the style of the new exams. Two versions one for combined one for separate.

Exam analysis sheet included, with what to improve on and where to find help
By pkScienceAndMaths

Revision games

17 GCSE Chemistry Revision Games

This resource is a set of 17 games that can be used during your revision sessions leading up to the GCSE Chemistry exam. Some games are by themselves whilst others have information sheets that go with them. This resource includes games covering:

1: Acids & alkalies
2: Bonding
3: Chemical yield
4: Collision theory
5: Compound mass
6: Electrolysis
7: Elements
8: Empirical formula
9: Ionic bonding
10: Moles
11: Rate of reaction
12: Reaction profiles
13: Recycling
14: Relevant formula mass
15: Sustainable development
16: Fermentation
17: Water treatment

Thanks for looking
By chalky1234567

Edexcel Science C1 Articulate Revision Game

Based on articulate. You will need to provide counter and a dice.

Best to print in colour. I have printed the final slide (the board) on A3 so that a group of students can sit around it.
By caramclaughlin84

AQA C1a Ludo Revision game

Students play ludo but answer questions as they land on a numbered square.
By dkohls

Chemistry Paper 1 Revision Game

This game has been put together to help students to revise information for the Chemistry(Trilogy) paper 1 topics excluding electrolysis. The game involves the students rolling a dice which selects a question for them to answer and they can earn points by answering the question correctly. The answers to all of the questions are also attached in a separate document so all that is needed for the game is a dice.

By MRE23

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