December highlights for IT teachers

Guides, quizzes, games and activities for challenging and engaging KS3 and KS4 IT and computing students in December

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Creative challenges and innovative activities to keep learners engaged in the run-up to Christmas

The last few weeks of term are approaching, but that doesn’t mean the learning stops. While you’re striving to teach your classes about key technical skills and different programs, pupils will thank you for bringing some fun and festivities into the classroom. Here are some hand-picked resources that do just that.

Puzzles and activities using IT

Make recapping key computer science terminology more interesting with this resource where learners create their own dictionaries and use the definitions to make a game. Alternatively, challenge your class to this chocolate-themed data activity, which asks them to collect data from packaging and analyse it in Excel using functions and formulas. If you really want to embrace the festive spirit, however, have a look at this spreadsheet-based mission to save Santa. The IT snowman word search could also be just the thing to kick off a lesson in the last week of term.

Computational Thinking Starter Puzzles

Computational Thinking Starter Puzzles

Get your students into the right mindset from the off with these fantastic starter activities! With 20 different puzzles for your students to try and solve, there are enough activities to cover a full 8 week term! This resource includes a range of puzzles such as code breaking, symbol grids, number ...
KS3 Santa Spreadsheet Task Sheet
Blue Dolphin

KS3 Santa Spreadsheet Task Sheet

Use this task sheet to encourage your pupils to rescue Santa, who has been kipnapped by evil elves. They need to choose thier equipment, the prices and quantity etc, then create a spreadsheet to calculate the cost. They must not go over budget but have 1,000 to spend on the mission. The perfect...
MM Challenge

MM Challenge

A fun edible activity to use with MMs or Smarties or Skittles. Students collect data from MM packets and use functions and formulas to find Sum, Average, Max, and Min of colours in an MM packet. Students then graph it and eat the source of the data!

Programming games and activities

Check out these resources if you want to get your students using programs - including Python and Scratch - to design games and puzzles with a festive twist!

Python Programming Christmas Activities

Python Programming Christmas Activities

This resource includes 7 Christmas themed, stand alone activities for students learning how to program using Python. The activities go from basic activities to more complex tasks. Some of the skills and knowledge tested includes using input, FOR and WHILE loops, string manipulation, lists, exporti...