Challenges for computing students

Sian Evans
18th December 2018
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Motivate more able students to further their learning with these extension activities

Whatever task has been set, there are always students who grasp concepts more quickly and make progress at a faster rate. Ensure that these pupils are challenged, stretched and driven to investigate new ideas with these innovative resources. 

Creative Challenges

Programming-based problem solving is ideal for stimulating more able students through the use of open-ended questions to promote creative thinking.

Computing - Coding Challenge 1 - Geo-Fencing

A programming/coding challenge for intermediate level students
The task is broadly outlined ; is not specific to any programming language and has useful extensions for the more advanced student
Further challenges are available from
By zwizih

AQA GCSE Computer Science Challenge Cards

A selection of cutout challenge cards containing challenges linked to the AQA GCSE Computer Science syllabus.
By clickschool

Trace Tables - AQA GCSE Computer Science

A set of resources for tracing algorithms.


  • Powerpoint presentation and worksheet
  • Exam-style questions and mark scheme
By mledain

Python - Independent Challenges (Basic)

A short workbook which has a series of challenges which students can try to tackle independently after learning basic programming techniques. For each challenge, students are expected to draw a flowchart, write some pseudocode and then attempt to code it themselves.

We print the booklets out and get students to print/cut/glue their code in, but they could complete them electronically.

At the back of the booklet there is a section with helpful syntax tips - these are linked to each challenge (for example, Challenge 1 needs "INPUT" and "VARIABLE" so the student can refer to these sections at the back).
By tjra

Motivate more able students to further their learning with these extension activities

Encourage early finishers to develop their skills with these independent computing tasks.

Scratch and Mazes - Extension Activities

Challenges from Digital Schoolhouse for teaching with Scratch. The resource contains worksheet plus answers and an explanation.
By DigitalSchoolhouse

Modulo Maths and RSA Encryption

A set of worksheets introducing modulo mathematics and progressing to one of its applications, RSA encryption. The spreadsheet is formatted for printing. In addition, the RSA demonstration sheet could be used as an interactive activity as well as a paper worksheet. Produced for a Core Maths level 3 pilot class of BTEC Software Engineer students but could be used for Computer Science or as an extension activity with A level students.
By aliali

Excel LookUp Function - Extension worksheet (Functional Skills ICT)

This is another great worksheet that supported my students understanding of the LookUp function. Step by Step instructions to develop the skills on the LookUp function in Excel. An extension worksheet.
By khedges123

Computer Science - Algorithms and Problem Solving

A presentation most suitable for KS4 looking at algorithms and problem solving. Presentation includes multi-choice questions to engage students and get them thinking about the subject throughout the presentation.

Learning Objective(s):
Explore program design methods used to solve problems.

Main Skills: Interpret written text and diagrams.

Duration: Approximately 30 mins

23 slides covering:
• Problem Solving
• Specification Requirements
• Analysis and Design
• Algorithms
• Algorithms and Flowcharts
• Pseudocode
By ljcreate

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