Challenges for computing students

Sian Evans
08th February 2017
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Motivate more able students to further their learning with these extension activities 

Whatever task has been set, there are always students who grasp concepts more quickly and make progress at a faster rate. Ensure that these pupils are challenged, stretched and driven to investigate new ideas with these innovative resources.  

Extension activities

Encourage early finishers to develop their Scratch skills with this complex task, in which pupils are asked to map the famous Hampton Court Palace maze accurately.

Similarly, extend learners’ understanding of the LookUp function in Excel with this step-by-step worksheet*, offering further challenges to consolidate learning.

Older students will benefit from being pushed to explore modulo mathematics, particularly in discovering more about RSA encryption, by working through this interactive workbook.

Creative challenges

Programming-based problem solving is ideal for stimulating more able students through the use of open-ended questions to promote creative thinking. Set learners this geo-fencing task, which isn’t aligned to one particular programming language, to test their skills, or for a more specific approach, this Python extension workbook is packed full of problems to be solved independently.  

Finally, keep GCSE students on their toes with this set of challenge cards, useful as quick revision questions or to prompt further research.  

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