Computing activities for the end of the year

Victoria Haughton
05th July 2017
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Inspire your classes in the final lessons of term with this collection of engaging games and tricky challenges

With only a few weeks of the school year remaining, it will soon be time to power down for the summer. As young minds start to wander, now is the perfect time to add an element of fun to your classroom. To help you do just that, we’ve picked a selection of games and lesson activities, which are sure to keep students stimulated right up until the final bell.

Games and quizzes

What better way to round off the year than with a quiz? Win up to one million (fictional) pounds while recapping core HTML knowledge with this interactive presentation* or allow learners to put their Scratch skills to the test by designing their own set of questions using this activity sheet.

Remind pupils about personal online boundaries with this e-safety board game, designed to prompt discussion about sensible behaviour on the internet. Alternatively, challenge older learners with this edition of spreadsheet bingo, which highlights the importance of cell referencing.

Challenges and activities

Reacquaint students with Python this summer and recap fundamental skills using this selection of activities*. And, once they’ve grasped the basics, why not challenge them to write their own code with the help of this worksheet pack*?

For some hands-on programming, this handy Scratch task* guides pupils through the process of making a racing car game. Or, take a step away from specific languages and become familiar with the Saw-Tooth cipher method by getting students tackle this encoding challenge.  

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