English: Love your library

Nicola Davison
24th May 2017
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Promote reading for pleasure with these hand-picked library lessons and activity ideas

Under the enormous time pressures of the curriculum, it can be easy to forget that your school or class library even exists. But, with its variety of genres and subject areas, a library is undoubtedly one of the finest resources for promoting reading for pleasure.

So, as the exams come to an end, why not find time to make use of your library? We’ve brought together a collection of eight of the top lesson and activity ideas to help both you and your students fall in love with books.

Complete lesson plans

  • Library lesson pack*
    Engage learners in both reading and writing activities with this collection of 17 standalone lessons, which focus on everything from settings and character to vocabulary and perspective.
  • Library treasure hunt
    Ideal as an introduction to the Dewey decimal system, this interactive lesson requires students to use their research skills to solve the given clues.
  • Book covers investigation
    Get pupils to explore a variety of book covers in order to understand their features, before encouraging them to design their own alternative in this fully resourced lesson.
  • Banned books lesson*
    Explore a range of books that have been banned from classrooms and libraries across the world in this well-structured lesson, culminating in persuasive speech-writing task.

Engaging activity ideas

  • Reading for pleasure quiz
    Complete with answers, this challenging six-round quiz includes questions on children’s literature, the classics and film adaptations.
  • Library challenge cards*
    Ensure your learners are fully engaged with their book of choice by setting these simple challenges, each of which produces work for a reading-themed display.
  • Reading-themed Family Fortunes
    Encourage students to think more widely about reading with this short team game, covering Shakespeare’s plays, fairytales and alternative reading materials.
  • Book taboo game
    Test your pupils’ knowledge of book titles, characters, genres and authors with this exciting word game for the whole class or small teams.

*This resource is being sold by its author

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This post was originally published on 25 May 2016, and was refreshed on 24 May 2017

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