English: Non-exam assessment resources for spoken language

Lauren Tong
22nd April 2019
English: Spoken language

Spoken language resources for your GCSE classes

With the NEA deadlines fast approaching and the GCSE exams in sight, we know how tough this time of the year can be. So, to help you out a little, we have drawn together a selection of resources from powerpoints to example topics and assessment sheets just in time for any last minute spoken language presentations.

speaking and listening- individual presentation

This is a mini Speaking and Listening unit that I used with my high ability year 10 group. It is aimed at teaching skills for the individual speaking and listening assessment (the presentation). This unit uses the WJEC criteria but it could easily be adapted for the other boards. I found it very successful- however it will need to be differentiated further for lower ability students. Enjoy!
By rec208

AQA GCSE - Speaking and Listening Endorsement

Use this differentiated and extensive resource to take your students through the GCSE Speaking and Listening Endorsement. All the lessons have learning objectives and takes students through the process of writing a speech.
By pauldwhite87

AQA Spoken Language Analysis Techniques Sheet

This is one of several resources that I have uploaded fto support the teaching of the spoken language analysis. This worksheet is aimed at A/A* pupils and covers the vocabulary that they need to use in order to write about speach.
By Miss R

Spoken Language planning sheet

A useful planning sheet for GCSE students to use when putting their spoken language ideas together.

By Sophie Dickinson

Spoken Language Endorsement SOW Presentation - AQA GCSE

This is a 3 lesson mini SOW to set up and prepare for the AQA GCSE Spoken language Endorsement. The 3 lessons run consecutively through the PowerPoint presentation and all instructions are on the slides.
There are growth / challenge tasks included and lots of opportunities to work in different ways across the 3 lessons. Slides also include homework opportunities.
At the end of the 3 lessons and home works pupils are prepared to give their Spoken language Endorsement presentation.
This is designed to be used along side the AQA SLE mark scheme.
By Gemma Smy

Spoken Language

A fully differentiated lesson for lower ability KS3 students working on their Spoken Language skills. As part of the lesson students write a speech on one thing they dislike.
By Lead_Practitioner

AQA Spoken Language Analysis Tracking Sheet

This is one of several resources that I have uploaded to support the teaching of the spoken language analysis. This worksheet is aimed at A/A* pupils and gets them to track how someone speaks in a text that you watch / listen to.
By Miss R

Writing Speeches

FIVE very detailed lessons on writing speeches, which include lessons on speech openers, structuring speeches and analysing famous speeches from Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln.

By Lead_Practitioner

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