Exploring new computing topics

Introductory presentations and handy reference guides for new topics in computing lessons

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Computer Screen With Computational Text Resources for secondary students

Tackle new topics with these introductory lessons and handy reference guides

First lessons set the tone for the rest of the topic and can have a huge impact upon students’ interest, engagement and understanding. To make sure that your classes are ready to get stuck in, we’ve gathered a selection of clear presentations and supportive reference guides to help you deliver effective opening sessions.

Introductory presentations

Use these comprehensive lesson presentations to introduce your students to binary numbers, web design, Python, pseudocode and iteration.

What is Computational Thinking?

What is Computational Thinking?

A series of 6 classroom wall posters to promote the concept of computational thinking. Alongside the 4 parts of computational thinking (Decomposition, Pattern Recognition, Abstraction and Algorithm design), I have also included debugging which includes common errors (example syntax and logical). ...
Presentation - Introduction to Web Designing

Presentation - Introduction to Web Designing

This presentation can be used as a lesson to introduce web designing using HTML. At the end of the lesson students can do the task of creating a web page. You can keep checking this resource as I will update it as my lesson progresses

Guides and reference sheets

Use these printable introductions to networking, databases, Python and Visual Basic for your students to use as guides or work through at their own pace.

Introduction to Databases Activity Booklet

Introduction to Databases Activity Booklet

An activity booklet introducing students to databases and data handling. Includes an overview of the following: 1. Databases 2. Differences between a field, record and file 3. Data errors 4. Data types Comes complete with an answer key. A great accompaniment and support for the above resource: ...