Exploring new computing topics

Sian Evans
11th January 2017
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Tackle new topics with these straightforward introductions and handy reference guides

First lessons set the tone for the rest of the topic and can impact upon students’ interest, engagement and understanding. That’s why it is so important that they offer learners an accessible introduction to new ideas or programs.

To make sure that your class are ready to get stuck in, we’ve gathered a selection of clear introductory presentations and supportive reference guides to help your deliver effective opening sessions.

Introductory presentations

Discover the language of binary code with this comprehensive resource pack, which uses video explanations and accompanying information to introduce pupils to the way binary is used to represent text, images and sound.  

Challenge your students to work with HTML and create a web page before the end of the lesson by completing these easy-to-follow web design tasks.  

Alternatively, this presentation on algorithms is ideal for introducing flowchart and pseudo code and contains a range of helpful information to test understanding, from keywords to written tasks.

Guides and reference sheets

Encourage problem solving and independent work on Python with this detailed booklet, which is full of activities and challenges to help your class start coding.

Supply students with these step-by-step guides so that they can develop their knowledge in Photoshop and feel more confident when exploring new features.  

For older pupils, these summary sheets are helpful when tackling the complexities of networking and can be used as a reference tool throughout the unit.

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