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01st March 2019
Revision games

Liven up revision using this hand-picked selection of exam revision games from our collection

With revision cranking you will be pulling out all the stops to keep your students engaged in your subject and eager to revise until the morning of their exams - as challenging as it may be. So whether you have students filing in for breakfast revision club, lunch time interventions or that classic friday period 6 revision class, why not liven things up and treat your students to some of these fantastic revision games selected from our GCSE and iGCSE revision hub created by teachers for teachers? It will be so fun they won't even realise they're revising! 

Whole school templates

Back to School boardgame

Boardgame Lesson


This is a really fun board game to test prior knowledge! It can be played as a class or in individual groups.
If this board game is played in groups it is recommended that you print the board game slide out on A3 paper and laminate it for longevity.

The board game resource comes with a selection of blank question cards for you to add your own questions on any topic.

Complete with our Interactive Dice and our Random Group Generator Ideal for setting timed tasks.

If you have a windows computer the counters on the windows board game resource can be clicked and moved when in presentation mode! If you use a Mac computer this slide can be used interactively out of presentation mode!

Also included are two of our fun timers!

We hope that you enjoy this resource and take the time to review it :-)

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By TeachElite

Blank board game template

Revision resource for pupils. Designed to help them revise by creating a board game on a topic. Students each create a set of questions on a subtopic and put them together in their groups so they have questions on all areas. Slide also include with a template for counters and dice.

Adapted from resources found online.
By minton_sciteach

English & MFL

An Inspector Calls Revision Game

A fun and engaging board game to help students revise the play. Comes with a huge range of question cards, a board, tokens, and rules. Simply print, laminate, and play!

Any issues, please let me know!
By LessonChest

Fortune Teller Revision Game

An origami fortune teller where students can test each other and themselves on terminology. The file is editable and comes with a black fortune teller for students to set their own questions as well as an colourful prepared game, suitable for GCSE English students.
By Whiteru55ianjai

Trivial Pursuit - GCSE German Revision

Revision Quiz based on a template for Trivial Pursuit found on TES. Split class into groups - each segment is triggered so if you click on it, it turns the colour indicated on the key in the top left of the slide. Aim of the game is to get a full wheel - to do so pupils need to answer one question correctly on each topic. Click on the coloured squares next to the topics to get a choice of 10 questions. Click on the number to get a question. Click on the “Answer” button to get the correct button. Click on the “home” button to return to the 1st slide.
By arkleigh

GCSE French tenses revision board game

NEW EDITION ADDED. You need to print this in colour in order for it to work. Throw a die, land on a square and conjugate the verb in the correct tense. Get it wrong and go back three spaces. Very easy for you to edit to suit your groups.
By Maryjane Bennett


Fraction Bingo! Revision or introduction game.

This resource comes with ten different fraction bingo cards and a set of rules and tips. This game can be used to revise/practice fraction reduction, fraction addition and subtraction, fraction multiplication or fraction devision.
The fractions on the bingo card are visually represented and all in lowest terms. This is a great resource for any age!

By soxsones2

Solving Equations Revision Jeopardy Game

Class game of Jeopardy designed to revise solving linear equations.
Aimed at GCSE revision for Grades 4 to 5, or for any other class that has covered solving linear equations and are revising for a test.
If you are not sure how to play Jeopardy please see the clip art included with suggested rules.
There are a couple of questions on random topics (prime factors and inequalities) as I like to throw these in at random to keep the kids on their toes!
Please leave a review if you do purchase this resource. Many thanks.
By lutra25

Maths Pythagoras - Hypotenuse game

A game I made as a revision tool for covering the topic of Pythagoras' Theorem with my year 9s and 10s. Pupils reveal squares with questions hidden behind them which they must work out. Great for a starter/plenary activity.
By Daniel Burke

GCSE Maths: Angles Revision materials

This is a power point resource for angle revision
By clairemooneyuk@yahoo


Heart / Lungs / Respiration - Board Game (KS4)

Fun Board Game to revise physiology topics: Heart, circulatory system, respiratory system, lungs, smoking, respiration etc

• includes around 90 question cards and 36 action cards

Great GCSE activity for revision (takes about 30 min)


  • instructions
  • Game board (print A3)
  • 36 action cards
  • 90 question cards
  • cards for oxygen, glucose, ATP

Also needed: 1 dice per set and 3-4 game pieces

By Dr. Schmidt

Chemical Reaction Revision Board Game

A fun, active and differentiated way of revising and assessing adaptations.

The game includes differentiated questions and answers allowing all students to access challenge.

The board game was created to enable students to actively revise the topics; chemical reactions, word equations, burning fuels, thermal decomposition, conservation of mass, exothermic and endothermic reactions.

The game also places focus on literacy and numeracy skills.
By GameofSciences

Jeopardy - revision game for speed and velocity

I've used a template I found on here to create this revision tool. It covers the main themes with a wildcard round that even includes a question on the film speed but if you don&'t like this question, it&';s easy to change. You can even use this template for other topics Hope it helps, it's taken me hours to make this so it&'ll definitely save time if you use it
By natashafox85

21 GCSE Biology Revision Games

This resource is a set of 23 games that can be used during your revision sessions leading up to the GCSE Biology exam. Some games are by themselves whilst others have information sheets that go with them. All the editable files for the games are in the zip file as there are over 30 individual files. This resource includes games covering:

1: Enzymes
2: Digestion
3: Evolution
4: Adaptations
5: Biodiversity
6: Decay
7: Deforestation
8: Diabetes
9: Drug testing
10: Food security
11: Genetic engineering
12: Growing microbes
13: Reproductive hormones
14: Meiosis
15: Mitosis
16: Reflexes
17: Plant hormones
18: Temperature control
19: The use of glucose
20: Tropic levels
21: Using plant hormones

Thanks for looking
By chalky1234567


Nazi Germany: Revision Activities/Games

A collection of revision materials based around Nazi Germany but the format could be adapted for other topics. Includes, Battle Ships, Draughts (Checkers), and Ludo (Frustration). Great way to revise topics and gets students super engaged.
By j_leemosley

Amazing Race 2 GCSE Geography Revision Game

This is my Second Amazing Race for GCSE revision. It covers topics such as Rainforests, River processes and Volcanoes.

The Journey takes students to

Iceland (E15)
Madagascar (Rainforest [SKILLS - Scale])
UK (Medmerry)
Malaysia (Borneo Rainforest)
Egypt (Nile River)
UK (Nap Wood)

Every location has 2 tasks - these tasks include GCSE questions, creative and recall tasks.

There are also 2 road block tasks: model building and European flag recognition

By steveshortland25

Trivial pursuit - AQA GCSE geography

revision board game with questions for the development gap, tourism, changing urban environments, water on the land, the coastal zone and restless earth
By aegray1991

Snakes & ladders revision games

Three snakes and ladders games for AQA REligion and Citizenship revision. I have laminated boards- glus snakes & ladders on before laminating! Print questions onto coloured card and Revise!
By deva_1982

Sport & Creative

Revision game for GCSE PE

The game consists of questions on the board and requires students in groups to make the right selection. The questions cover, training, skeleton, muscles, health, skill and components of fitness
By neilthomas89

GCSE PE Revision Quiz

To support Edexcel syllabus
By katesteed

Drama GCSE Key-Word Revision Sessions [Crosswords & Games] (Exam Preparation)

This revision session is designed for GCSE Drama teachers who want to lead revision sessions focussed on key-words and literacy.

The download features:
-A full PowerPoint to guide the session (with a starter, objectives, main task, a game, & AfL)
-A colourful and fun double-sided worksheet (with 2 x key-word crosswords)
-A teacher’s answersheet

It serves as a fun and relaxed way for students to revise key-words and allows you to gauge their knowledge of key-words based on how fast they can complete the task.

Ideally, you should have a time where students work alone at first (so that you can gauge their level of knowledge) and then co-operatively (in pairs) so that they can learn.

All activities in this session are focussed on key-words so if you feel your students need to revise key-words this is the perfect resource for them!
By Maxi88

The Heart Board Game

A board and question cards to help revise the heart and circulatory system. Players travel the same path way that the blood takes. Teams must decide if a players answer is correct.
By Kerry Callaway

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