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Tara Wright
11th April 2019
GCSE history revision

Keep history students engaged with GCSE revision using this collection of revision booklets, games and knowledge organisers

With revision well underway now for Year 11 pupils we have prepared a selection of history revision materials to help you keep learners engaged and revising either with you or independently! Check out this sample of guided revision booklets that students can work through, revision games to revive students at the end of a long school day and knowledge organisers to help learners condense lengthy topics and exam papers down in to bite-size, revisable chunks.

Independent revision 

GCSE History Edexcel Crime & Punishment Revision Pack/Booklet

This pack includes:
31 fact sheets for each topic needed for the Edexel 1-9 Crime and Punishment GCSE History Paper 1 unit. Each fact sheet can be copied into a revision booklet for your students. The amount of detail is high but key points are highlighted throughout for weaker students.
Also included are 4x revision diagrams for each period of the study and 4 x example exam question sheets with sample questions from Edexcel’s specimin and sample papers.

This will make a perfect revision booklet for the students as I find the revision workbooks currently available seem to lack some detail in key areas. Information has been taken from both Hodder and Pearson books to keep a balance.

Please be kind enough t leave a review if you find this pack useful.

I am about to start a differentiated version of this content so watch this space.

By RAResources

Cold War Revision Booklet

This is a revision booklet for OCR Modern Worlds covering the Cold War from 1945-79. This is aimed at a wide-range of abilities, enabling students to bring together key words and important information in an accessible booklet.

The booklet includes: a list of key questions that they should be able to answer, as outlined by the exam specification; consolidation questions so students can organise their revision notes; timeline activities and sources to evaluate. Students are encouraged to look at the message, content and context of a source through completing a grid activity which has improved students' source work. There are also OCR B style essay questions for student to practice, complete with space for structured planning (including prompts on making a judgment which enables them to access the highest marks). I have been using this to help Y11 revise for their mocks and their upcoming exams
By Claire Allen

USA: AQA 1920-45 Revision Activity Booklet

A 43 page booklet that recaps the AQA america topic from 1920-45. The booklet contains key word prompts, questions and tasks. I use this as a bank of worksheets to keep refreshing their understanding of the topic. When it comes to their exams students can print these off for revision.

Topics covered:
-Reasons for the economic boom
- Car Industry
- Great depression
- New Deal
- WW2 and the economy
- Entertainment and culture.
By j_leemosley

GCSE Anglo Saxon & Normans Revision Booklet

Revision booklet with detailed timeline, helpful tips to layout revision and exam questions!

By teni_oladehin

Revision games

History of Medicine: Public Health Board Game

A revision game for History of Public Health GCSE topic, students use this to recap topic and break up a lesson.
By j_leemosley

Deadline 1933-45

Revision aid to complement the previous deadline game which covered the Weimar years.
By jholloway1986

Crime and Punishment Revision Board Game

A handy resource for revision, contains board game template, question cards which can be printed out for the course covering all periods - Roman to 20th century - and some blank ones for students to create their own questions. Based on the OCR specification but can be used for anyone studying the SHP topic.
By suwilliams23

Monarchopoly - English Revolution revision game

Revision Monopoly game for year one content (AS Level) on the English Revolution. Covers the period 1625-1642. This is a useful game for revising key information relating to the breakdown between Crown and Parliament, Personal Rule and the Crisis of Parliament.

Rules are included on the board. This follows the basic structure of monopoly: if a student lands on an owned property they must pay the owner - double the amount if they get the question wrong. Chance cards could either gain them tokens or mean they have to pay up.

Ideas for stretch and challenge:

  • Once questions have been used, ‘property owners’ must come up with new questions relating to their topic.
  • Get out of Jail by either rolling a double OR by correctly spelling a key word (e.g. Presbyterian).
  • A Level students use template to develop board for year two content (1642-1660).

With thanks to Jade Booth for the board game template and Mosley for initial template.

By Claire Hayward

Cold War; Superpower Relations (Revision Games)

Classic Board Games adapted for revision of Cold War A-level (Superpower Relations) including who's who and Trivial Pursuit with adapted questions. I found an old version of trivial pursuit in a charity shop and printed the slides to fit the question cards and glued them on and laminated them. My classes play this as a revision activity.
By alainechristian

USA: 1920's Recap and Revision

Two activities that recap the 1920's section of AQA's USA topic. The game of draughts is differentiated so that one colour of the board has harder questions than the other. The finger twister can work with the powerpoint spinner. The revision clock worksheet allows students to check how much they understand of the topic. This can be followed by group work to fix the gaps that they have. There is also a Frogger inspired board game and Blockbusters
By j_leemosley

Knowledge organisers

GCSE History: American West Knowledge Organizer Revision Edexcel Paper 2

This is a very useful resource to help students structure their revision for an end of unit assessment or their final exam in June. It has been organised Chronologically but also thematically. My students have found this useful as an alternative way to revise. Students can have the option of colour coding each theme for revision. I would suggest enlarging to A3 if possible.

Please note that this is a single sheet resource, but due to the time it took to produce this, I hope this reflects the asking price for it. Hopefully it can last you many years.

By RAResources

GCSE History - Nazi methods of control revision/summary sheet

GCSE NAzi Germany
Grades 9-1 or A-A*
Can be used for AQA, Edexcel, OCR or iGCSE exam boards.

Revision/summary sheet covering the methods used by the Nazis to control Germany
Fear and Terror (Gestapo/SS) , Propaganda, Censorship, Legal System, DAF, Education, Youth Groups etc.

Does include exam style questions for AQA 2017 Exams

Part of Hitler's Germany Topic 1933-1945

Please see my other lessons & resources
Feedback welcome
By MrThorntonTeach

9-1 Edexcel History Learning/Topic Placemats for Superpower Relations and The Cold War - Topic 1

9-1 Edexcel History Learning/Topic Placemats for Superpower Relations and The Cold War - Topic 1 -Origins of the Cold War 1945-58

These interactive learning placemats were designed to meet the challenges of the new 9-1 GCSE. They build upon the successful Medicine Through Time Placemats that I previously designed (and which received 5* reviews by all who have purchased them up to the time of launching these new materials – see: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/9-1-edexcel-gcse-history-of-medicine-place-mat-question-structure-11627611 ). The new placemats have been identified as best practice during a ‘Challenge Partners’ review as well as being identified as best practice by other History teachers on the Olevi ‘Outstanding Teacher Programme’.

The new design learning placemats support both teachers and students in addressing the:
a) dramatic increase in the curriculum content needed for the different units
b) support the need for increased literacy demands
c) help students become familiar and more confident in recognising the correct response needed for the unprecedented number of different question styles

The placemats are designed to be double sided. One side focuses on the CONTENT: providing an overview of key knowledge and understanding needed (this will change for each topic area within this GCSE unit).

Every placemat across the GCSE range is designed to encourage greater understanding of:
1. Historical Context - through timelines, picture prompts and key words

2. Awareness of the ‘big picture’ so students can see how individual lessons fit into the unit and make clearer links between prior and future learning – through ‘Big Picture’ questions.

3. Better Literacy – through selected ‘language for learning’ vocab box.

4. Memory prompts to support revision – through the use of carefully selected images.

5. Increased awareness of metacognition – through PME (Progress, Monitor and Evaluation Time) questions to encourage students to deconstruct their learning and identify key factors (eg. Social, economic, political) or key individuals and make links between features. A pictorial metacognition man with 5 question prompts will support student reflection.

6. A confidence thermometer is also included as a prompt to identify student confidence in the topic.

The reverse side contains guidance on EXAM TECHNIQUE through:
1. Identifying the nature of the question styles for each GCSE Unit and the allocated marks available
2. Examiners levelled mark schemes
3. Support writing frames with generic sentence starter
By awithey

AQA GCSE: Norman England 1066 – 1100 Revision Placemats (Topic 3)

This resource includes 2 revision placemats covering topic 3 of the new AQA GCSE topic, Norman England 1066 – 1100. Each placemat is titled:

• How did the Norman Conquest affect the English Church?
• Monasticism and Language after the Norman Conquest

These are great for last minute revision or to put on a ‘google classroom’ for all students to look at on their home computers.

If you have found this resource useful or want to get even more value for your money please follow this link to find a bundle of over 30 revision placemats covering a variety of AQA GCSE History topics: Major AQA GCSE History Revision Bundle
By matthew_nolan

Weimar Germany Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge organiser covering the basics of Weimar Germany up to 1923. Made for AQA history.

By Carol Stobbs

9-1 British Medicine: Surgery in the Industrial Revolution Revision Sheet

GCSE British Medicine Through Time
New 2016 Specification
Grades 9-1
Can be used for AQA, Edexcel, OCR or iGCSE exam boards.

Revision/summary sheet covering the progress in surgery during the Industrial Revolution (Antiseptics, Anaesthetic and Aseptic Surgery) including the key individuals James Simpson and Joseph Lister

Part of Medieval 1750-1900 Medicine topic.

Please see my other lessons & resources
Feedback welcome!
By MrThorntonTeach

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