Preparing for primary transition

Sian Evans
29th May 2018
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Ideas to ensure EYFS learners adjust to a new school and help primary pupils adapt to changing classes

The thought of starting primary school or moving to a new class can be unnerving for any pupil, which is why it's so important to make the process run as smoothly as possible. By taking time to talk about worries, introduce them to new members of staff and let them have fun in a new environment, students will become much more relaxed about the move. So, to help you do just that, we've hand-picked some of the best transition resources, perfect for addressing this change with your pupils, old or new.

Preparing EYFS for the move

Starting School Book (Reception)

This book is given to children who are joining our Reception class. It provides the children and their families with an idea of what it will be like in school. It should appear in Sassoon Font. Apologies if it has defaulted to another font when you open it. Hopefully it will give you some ideas/base to work from and develop your own.
By lukeliamlion

Jellybean goes to school by Margaret Roc

Jellybean is a little girl longing to learn about the world and make friends. But is she ready to leave Mum behind and start school? At first Jellybean is nervous, but her new teacher brings magic into the classroom. And Jellybean's imagination brings her new surroundings to life in many wild and wonderful ways.

An inspiring must-read for all children about to start school or nursery.

These resources are ideal for sharing with young readers in Early Years, Reception or Key Stage 1.

By Penguin Schools

Starting School - an introduction to the child and their world

An introduction sheet for parents to complete with their child in the run up to starting school. This will then provide helpful information during the settling in period and the transition to full time education in reception.

This resource can also be helpful for children to complete towards the end of the summer term as part of the transition to year one or two.

By carley0831

Starting School Talking Tub Planner

A planning grid to support teachers in creating a Starting School themed Talking Tub. A Talking Tub is a collection of materials that are designed to stimulate talking and thinking to support responsive child led planning. This consultation can then be recorded in a Talking and Thinking Floorbook™. This approach can be used in early years and primary settings and can be easily differentiated. Talking Tubs should be tailored to suit your individual setting and individual interests of the children so we have intentionally left these as editable documents
The planning grid identifies the lines of enquiry that lie behind the experiences, ideas for 3D and 2D objects and photos and the big questions or possible lines of development that may come out of the discussion.
By Mindstretchers-

Moving up a year

Transition to the next primary class workbook

Supporting those pupils who are anxious about moving to the next class and the changes this involves. Includes a simple social story about being unsure is ok. A positive and reassuring booklet that can be fillied in (with photos) at school and then sent home for the summer.
By Lynn16

My Memories Poster: KS1 transition activity

This might be used as an end of year activity or a transition day activity with a new group of children. Children could colour or draw on the outline images.
By mytmot

Feelings Flowers.

I gave these flowers to my class on Transition day. Each petal asks them something about themselves. I had photocopied them onto lots of different brightly coloured pieces of card so that once cut out I could decorate my classroom with them. There is space in the middle of the flower to stick a picture of the child's face.
By lauraemmasims7

Transition Day Flip Book

Are you looking for a fun, colourful, editable transition booklet - why not try this flip-book. All the information your children and parent's need in one place. Plus it's paper saving - only 3 pages of A4

There's minimal effort involved - no cutting required. Simply add your info, print, copy back to back, fold and staple. I have painstakingly ensured that all the tabs and boxes will line up when printed - saving you time and effort.

It's FULLY-EDITABLE too - add your own images, alter the text and tab headings. Note: Basic knowledge of PowerPoint will be needed to edit.
By MonsterTeachingIdeas

Meeting a new class

50 ideas for meeting your new class

Collated from various threads on the TES forums, this booklet gives 50 suggestions for activities to do when meeting your new class either on a transition day, or for the first day of term.
By tafkam

Transition day - make a hanging octopus using ribbons, googly eyes and a foil tin case KS1 / KS2

I used this as an activity for the Year 2 children when they came over to the Junior school for the first time. The instructions are clear for Year 2/Year 3 to follow.
By eckford91

Transition Day Poem and Activities

Use this original poem to get to know your new class!

Children can write their own version of the poem to tell their new teacher lots of important things about themselves.

By TheMagicPoetryPot

Transition day/ Meet new class

Here are 3 templates that can be used on a transition day to find information out about your new class. One is in the form of a Wanted poster, one is a passport, one is a Classified Information file. Topics also included: classroom display.

By mmmunchkin

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