Preparing for primary transition

Sian Evans
02nd June 2017
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Ideas to help primary pupils adapt to changing classes and moving up in school

Just when you feel that you know everything there is to know about your class, it’s time to prepare them (and yourself) for the next academic year. A new teacher and a change in surroundings can be unnerving for learners. By taking time to talk about worries, introduce them to new members of staff and let them have fun in a new environment, students will become much more relaxed about the move. 

We’ve hand-picked a selection of welcome booklets and transition day activities that are not only inviting and engaging, but which can also help pupils be excited about the changes to come.

Moving up a year

Tackle anxiety about change in any year with this transition booklet, which gets students thinking about similarities and differences between their old and new classes. Similarly, encourage pupils to consider and acknowledge their feelings as part of this thoughtful, flower-themed art activity.

For a different approach, why not try rounding off the year by getting your class to reflect on their favourite activities with these memory posters?

Meeting a new class

Make a splash on transition day with this hanging octopus tutorial*, designed as a fun, creative activity to help you to get to know your new class. It also forms the basis for a classroom display which can be left up for their return in September. Or, try using these unusual transition day templates, including a wanted poster and classified information file, to allow students to tell you about themselves in an inventive way. 

For even more inspiration, pick and choose from one of 50 activity ideas covering typical transition day activities as well as teamwork exercises in art, music and PE. 

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