Secondary resources for Term 4

Nicola Davison
30th September 2016
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Tools to support learners as they prepare for exams and end-of-year lessons to inspire creative thinking

Exam season is almost upon us! While your students will have been working hard to revise subject knowledge over the holidays, it’s always a good idea to go over those vital exam skills to ensure that they’re ready for anything.

We’ve selected a few of the top resources to help you do just that, as well as some cross-curricular lesson ideas to make sure your classes are engaged right up until the end of the academic year.

Exam skills resources

  • Exam preparation booklet*
    Ideal for pupils looking for last-minute ways to revise ahead of their exam, this comprehensive booklet offers a variety of alternative techniques.
  • Essay-writing toolkit
    This extensive guide contains a variety of tools, tips and tricks to help students become more confident in their essay writing.
  • Exam answer planner
    Support students as they plan answers to longer questions by encouraging the use of this editable worksheet, including a list of key command words.
  • Graphic organiser templates
    Easily adapted to suit any subject area, these templates are another useful way of helping visual learners to organise answers to exam questions.
  • Rapid revision progress
    Use this well-structured presentation to get pupils to practise specific skills in order to maximise marks in short-answer questions during exams.

End-of-year fun

  • Post a Pringle task
    Develop higher-level thinking skills with this unusual project, in which students must design packaging that enables a Pringle to be sent through the post.
  • Paper clip boat challenge*
    Introduce pupils to the concept of water tension by getting them to experiment with ways to make a paper clip float.
  • A to Z quiz*
    Test learners' general knowledge with this alphabet-themed quiz, earning more points for questions that are slightly trickier.
  • Pirate maths game
    Why not embrace the pirate theme by playing this addictive game, through which pupils can practise key numeracy skills, as part of a mini unit of work? 
  • Whodunnit? murder mystery
    Allow students to go through the steps required to solve this stimulating mystery, before getting them to work together to create their own.

*This resource is being sold by the author

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