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Nicola Davison
26th February 2016
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Teaching resources to raise awareness of Sport Relief's causes

Friday 18 March is the big day for Sport Relief and we've selected a few of their official resources to help your students understand how the charity's work makes a difference to the lives of people in the UK and around the world.  

Early years resources

Younger learners can begin to develop their understanding of families and communities from other parts of the world by exploring the story of Jinnat, a five-year-old girl from Bangladesh.

Start the discussion with these real-life photographs of Jinnat and her family. In this eye-opening activity, children are encouraged to mark out the dimensions of her house as a starting point for a comparison of homes in the UK and Bangladesh.

Finally, pupils can practise their listening skills with this card activity based on keywords from Jinnat's story.

Primary resources

In this assembly presentation, primary pupils discover how Sport Relief is helping Champa, a ten-year-old girl living in a Bangladeshi slum, who is forced to collect rubbish from the street in order to earn enough money for food. 

This learning can be transferred to the classroom using the cross-curricular entry points on this KS1 topic map, including geography, PE and art activities to further explore Champa's life. Older students can investigate the lives of other working children through the variety of lesson ideas outlined on this KS2 topic map.

Secondary resources

Secondary learners can start to understand the difference Sport Relief makes to the lives of others in this thought-provoking assembly, including a video describing the life of Russell, a 13-year-old boy who live on the streets of Dhaka in Bangladesh. This handy tutor time pack contains a variety of activities to help to continue the discussion, including an exploration of children's rights and a deeper look at the statistics.

For issues a bit closer to home, try this detailed lesson plan complete with short film and task ideas, which aims to challenge pupils' perceptions and improve their understanding of mental health problems. 

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