Supporting EAL students in a mixed-language classroom

Flora Michti
19th August 2019
Supporting EAL students in a mixed-language classroom

Give EAL students a head start with these  resources

Entering a classroom packed with students who have little knowledge of English is every teacher's nightmare. We know how challenging it can be to create an inclusive environment and aid those struggling with English, so we've gathered some useful resources to help you support your EAL/ESL students.

Strategies to support EAL learners

Take a look at these inclusion ideas that will boost your confidence in teaching a mixed-language class.

Supporting EAL and SLCN - Language Nurturing Activities

A bank of activities that could be used to help nurture language - particularly for those students in lower-attaining groups. For more: #HNRstrategybanks
By Matt Grant

Inclusion strategies for Teachers

Teachers of EAL and SEN who would like to try different strategies in lessons would find this useful. The sheet is linked and is broken down to stages to make it easier as a reference.
By sheilasantha

Teaching and Supporting EAL

35 slides, with hints, activities and strategies for supporting EAL students. Also included are activities for staff training. Please note I have included some strategy mats that I've uploaded previously.
By andorian

The 5 Minute EAL Student Support Plan

Building on Ross McGill's 5 minute lesson plan, the EAL plan is designed to reduce planning time & focus on learning for EAL students. It includes "Model Phrases" - What do you want your EAL learners to be able to say? Please tweet me for any advice or with any questions @LessonToolbox or see my blog

Explanation of how it works...
By Peteslessontoolbox

Equip learners with language skills

Practise basic vocabulary, classroom vocabulary and classroom verbs in English with these detailed worksheets while you immerse pupils in regular school subjects.

EAL/ESL New to School

Ever struggled with new learners of English in the classroom? Not sure where to start? This booklet contains a selection of worksheets, games and activities for new learners of English. The 22 page booklet contain sections relating to;

- Themselves
- Their School
- Classroom Objects
- Plurals
- Classroom Instructions
- Subjects and timetables
- Basic Maths Vocabulary

Each section contains word / question cards which can be cut out to play matching pair games, or board games (included). Great for homework during the first few weeks of term.
By dotty34

English Classroom vocabulary games, activities, puzzles for EFL EAL ESL

48 pages of fun English resources to teach classroom vocabulary. Great for a 'back to school' project,
This set includes:
* Suggestions for use in the classroom.
* Write around the room - 16 half page pictures to hide around the room and two different styles of worksheet (one interactive notebook style, the other single sheet) for the students to complete as they find the words. The pictures can also be used as flashcards.
* Word wall to display.
* ‘In my pencil case’ activity to cut, stick, color, and write sentences.
* B/w and color handouts of vocabulary.
* A set of 16 matching word and picture cards for matching/pelmanism.
* Missing vowels worksheet plus answer key.
* Crossword activity (two versions - one with initial letters given to provide for differentiation in the classroom) plus answer key.
* Wordsearch activity plus answer key.
* 30 color bingo game boards and teacher’s master board.
By LlanguageLlamas

Classroom instructions worksheet

ESL/EAL/TEFL worksheet for classroom instructions. Introduce the vocabulary, have students match, then find the words and fill in gaps in sentences.

This is just one unit from the Tigerlearn 60 page resource pack. For a more comprehensive EAL teachers resource, get that;

Or even buy the tigerlearn ESL bundle with PPTs and more;
By Tigerlearn

My Basic Thousand Words For Native English Speaking and English Learners Learners (EAL. EFL)

My Basic Thousand Words by Lonnie Dai Zovi is a complete 105 page workbook containing a comprehensive word list for absolute beginning novice low to intermediate English vocabulary learners. The book contains graduated lists (from the most simple to the more complex, as well as an alphabetical list ) and related exercises (puzzles, word scrambles, sentences writing, fill in the blank) of one thousand of the most frequently occurring words with accompanying exercises for EAL/EFL students. Rather than an English frequency word list, it is a merging of various frequency word lists. The words chosen are simple yet vital for successful reading and writing for beginning and intermediate English learners. These words and exercises are good for group or independent study.

They can be used for weekly spelling words, vocabulary teaching, reviewing,or just reinforcement or enrichment to an already existing program. Regular classroom teachers can give these worksheets to their EAL/EFL students for extra practice.The word list is a compilation of many old and respected high frequency word lists (Dolch, Fry, Dale-Chall,Spache to name a few). Some of the lists were too short, others contained a few words not used as much as perhaps they were in the past. (“hiss” and “steamer”, for example, were purged) My Basic Thousand Words, then, is a merging as well as an update of other lists in addition to a few changes. Thematic words that usually appear in beginning English picture dictionaries (Perfect Pics,© for example) were not included. Colours, most numbers, family, animals, months, days, household items, school supplies etc. were not usually included. Many of the excluded words, though quite useful, are not as frequent as those words chosen for this list. You may use this list and the exercises as occasional reviews, worksheets for substitutes teachers, extra credit, or as part of an organized and structured curriculum.

This list starts with – The, man, it, now, bed, you, he, is, do, me and ends with character, immediate, especially, principle, appreciate, extreme, receipt, annual, decision, recommend, emergency.
By lonniedaizovi

Looking for a scheme or resource pack?

Check out this resource pack which can be used as a mini-English course for your new students.

EAL New Arrivals: Scheme of Work and Resource Pack

This book will serve as a short course for new EAL (English as an Additional Language) students who may have recently arrived in Primary or Secondary school and who may have limited or no English. Currently in Education, many schools have significant numbers of students arriving each year with limited English skills and therefore little no access to the school curriculum. Formal EAL departments and training in schools has slowly diminished in recent years and often there is no clear course or structure in how to ingratiate these students into the school and offer appropriate support. Teachers are often at a loss when it comes to providing work for these students and the students themselves can be very limited in their ability to progress. Very often there is a lack of specialist EAL teachers or support workers in schools and so this book would offer an easy to teach method for different members of staff in a school.

This book could be used over a 6-7 week course, therefore could be ideal introduction for the EAL student’s first half term in a school. It will include weekly themes that mix the acquiring of English language grammar and vocabulary, improving reading, writing and oral skills and learning common and useful element of English to improve their daily life in school and in the community.

By tbarber5309

ESL/EAL resource pack for English teachers.

A 60 page pack of communicative activities for ESL/EAL/EFL teachers. Print off the relevant lesson and go. Loads of activities with communication built in, scaffolded activities, word recognition activities as well as reading and writing activities. Also links to videos.

Topics covered:
Countries and Nationalities
Classroom instructions
Parts of the body
Classroom objects
Shapes and sizes
Actions – Present Continuous
Daily routines – present simple
Prepositions of place
Food and drink

By Tigerlearn

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