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Sian Evans
09th October 2018

Help sheets, literacy mats and glossaries to allow pupils to demonstrate their subject knowledge 

Computing lessons can often include complex concepts, which can be difficult to absorb and even harder for students to explain to others, especially the examiner. With this in mind, we've gathered a selection of resources to support learners in mastering essential topics and to provide them with tools to encourage their writing skills.


Encourage students to explore the causes and consequences of population growth and decline using this selection of learning activities targets at KS3 students.

*Full Lesson* Population Change

This is a full Geography lesson looking at how and why populations change over time. It was originally delivered to a year 8 class but could be adapted for other year levels and key stages.

During the lesson pupils:

  • Discuss the current world population and the most populated countries (as of October 2018)
  • Watch and comment on videos discussing changes in world population and its impact.
  • Suggest reasons for the growth in world population especially since the start of the 19th century.
  • Plot the changes in world population on a graph
  • Calculate birth and death rates.
  • Identify and evaluate factors which influence birth and death rates in different types of countries.
By zero1010

Population Problems In China Lesson Resources

This lesson is designed to teach students about why China's overpopulation is a problem for the country. A wide variety of issues are discussed, with specific focus on over consumption of coal leading to pollution, deforestation and desertification. The lesson contains independent tasks, opportunities for discussion and questioning, peer assessment and stretch and challenge. The resources are very detailed, especially the information sheets.

I used this lesson with a high ability year 9 class, it is also very applicable to a GCSE class or adaptable to a lower ability key stage 3 class.
By MatthewJS

KS Population Homework Booklet

Homework booklet designed for KS3 Geography. This is for a Population topic. It has been fully prepared with independent study tasks for students to complete at home to consolidate their classroom learning. The only change you will need to make is the department logo on the front cover.
By dunnsean

Population Geography Board Game

An adaptation of Richard Allaway's 'Jelly Baby Geography' population game for students to learn about factors that can alter birth, death and migration rate within a country. Some chance card scenarios have been simplified / omitted, with other scenarios, such as Finnish baby boxes to reduce IMR, added. Groups of 2/3 work well. The board game and worksheet are included and each group will need a dice and enough counters for each player.

Original resource from 'Geography All The Way':
By elenharris


Enhance you lessons and reduce planning time with these Population resources picked to engage and support older learners in their understanding of population and prepare them for GCSE.

What are the causes and consequences of an ageing population? - Lesson 5

Lesson one from GCSE WJEC A (2016), Theme 2, Rural-Urban Links. Fully resources with powerpoint.
Activities support main aims;
1. To define the term ageing population.
2. To explain the causes of an ageing population
3. To assess the socio-economic impacts of an ageing population.

Activities include AO3 question for counter-balance practice (with support/scaffolding)
By Alice Brighty

Population Revision Booklet

This booklet has 40 pages of revision tasks relating to the population content in the AQA geography A spec.
It goes through all of the required processes and uses relevant case studies.
By joshcarmody

Population pyramids

Lesson covers the meaning of population pyramids and how they vary
Activities include matching pyramids and their descriptions to different stages of the DTM
All resources included within the ppt

By The Planet Press Resources

GCSE Population Growth and Structure Bundle.

Three resources that comprehensively cover the introduction to any population or demographics course.
1. World Population Growth and Exponential Growth.
2. The Demographic Transition Model (Carousel Activity)
3. Interpreting Population Pyramids.
By Stephen Bennett

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