Tes ROTW: Murder mystery factorisation

Craig Barton
15th July 2019

Make maths marvellous with this fun mini murder mystery activity by cassh to end the term on a high

What is it? 

As we reach the final resource of the week for the school year we are wrapping up this season with a bang.

Everyone loves a mystery resource, but this one stands above many of the rest. It is centred around the concept of factorisation, with the answers to questions providing the clues needed to solve the grizzly crime. But what I really love about this resource is the choice of questions. Highest common factor with numbers links seamlessly into those involving algebraic expressions, which then flows onto simple factorising, before we go more complex. 


How does it work?

“Sir, can we have a fun lesson today because it is the last week of term?”

“Of course you can! Try this…”

It is a wonderful choice of sequencing of questioning, wrapped up in an engaging context, which means we have the potential to get the best of both worlds - fund and good, hard thinking. This resource is perfect for any time of the year, but especially good for the end of term. 

I hope you have enjoyed the resource of the week 2018/19 and have yourselves a wonderful, restful summer holidays.


Thanks for sharing! 

Craig Barton

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