Tes ROTW: Powers and roots

Craig Barton
08th July 2019



Support your students when working on powers and roots with this excellent maths mastery resource by rhemsley

What is it? 

Rarely has a term been more open to different interpretations. Indeed, the notion of a mastery lesson is dismissed by some as utter nonsense as mastery is a long-term philosophy ands approach to learning that you cannot pick and choose when you use it. That being said, whatever your personal view on mastery, this is a cracking resource. It goes deep into the concepts of powers and roots and the powerpoint is interspersed with top quality activities, challenging questions, and mini-quizzes that can act as formative assessments to identify any nasty misconceptions early on.

How can it be used? 

As I always say, there is no such thing as a good resource; it is all down to what you do with it. There is certainly enough material here to take up a week’s worth of lessons and it is down to the user to choose the bits that they think are most useful. Re-jig the order if needed, add bits in, and generally adapt to suit the needs of your class and students.

But the foundations of a wonderful sequence of lessons are certainly here, and the selection of activities is superb. Whether you describe this approach as mastery or not, this is top class stuff.

As always, thanks for sharing! 

Craig Barton

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