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Exploring St Lucia

Exploring St Lucia

This set of resources is designed for teaching the KS2 Geography unit Exploring St Lucia. The planning, presentations and activities are also available individually on the TES. If you like this resource, please review it. If you have any suggestions or feedback, contact me at eddiebray@yahoo.co.uk

By eddiebray

Weather clip art

Weather clip art

This pack contains fifteen weather related clip art images designed by myself. You may use these images within you own educational products for commercial use but they are not to be resold as clip art. I would appreciate an acknowledgement in your credits by including my logo. The pack contains the following clip art: White cloud White clouds Grey cloud Grey clouds Sunny Sunny spells with a white cloud Sunny spells with a grey cloud Rain and cloud Snow and cloud Hail and cloud Windy Foggy Stormy Tornado Snowman

By janedonlan1

The Arctic: ( animals and Ocean) display, worksheets and activities

The Arctic: ( animals and Ocean) display, worksheets and activities

A set of printable activities and display resources for an Arctic topic - suitable for KS1 A set of printable resources (display, worksheets, games and activities) about the Arctic, the Arctic Ocean and animals in the Arctic. The set contains: 2 A4 headings Alphabet polar bears Anagram worksheet - Arctic animals A-Z lettering with an snowy background; all letters of the alphabet, plus numbers and punctuation, plus 'The Arctic' in large letters Bookmarks to cut out and colour, with polar bears Display border - with pictures of polar bears Cards - Arctic animals for games or display Factfile sheets - for children to research and fill in Flags - The countries bordering the Arctic Circle Map showing satellite imagery of the Arctic Circle A map of the Arctic Circle Masks - black and white animals from the Arctic Number line to 20 with digits and written numbers with a polar bear background Passport to fill in for a trip to the Arctic Pictures of Arctic animals to cut out and use in topic work Pictures of Arctic animals to print out for display Postcard to write from the Arctic Set of posters with explanations and photographs of: The location of the Arctic Arctic plants The Inuit Arctic animals Polar bear Wolverine Arctic fox Arctic owl Arctic tern Snow geese Arctic hare Arctic squirrel Lemming Seal Muscox Caribou Walrus Topic covers - 3 different versions Vocabulary cards - Arctic adjectives for composition Writing border sheets - lined and unlined

By highwaystar