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GERMAN-ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS: KS1/KS2: Christmas decorations/ Quiz/Puppet Theatre/ Cut out masks/

GERMAN-ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS: KS1/KS2: Christmas decorations/ Quiz/Puppet Theatre/ Cut out masks/

BUNDLE UNIT 3: ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS COMPLETE UNIT OF WORK FOR YEAR 1 TO YEAR 6 Enjoy a fantastic package full of fun German activities to celebrate Christmas! INCLUDES : topic and practice worksheets with audio/ lesson plans/ role-play/Song lyrics/Christmas decorations/ poster for display/ certificate of merit/ Quiz-test/ Cut-out masks for role-playing/ Puppet theatre/ cut-out Puppets SET UP: It’s the Christmas season and everybody at Cosmoville is celebrating: Father Christmas wishes Merry Christmas to everyone. It’s snowing, VIRGINIA, LILLY and FEDERICO are enjoying a snowball fight! And like every year, PENNY is preparing Christmas Eve dinner. However as usual she has forgotten to buy something. Colourful PDF files from the COSMOVILLE book series, testing pupils about the lessons from unit 3: ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS. The PDF files have the SOUND embedded (PDF’s require ADOBE READER to access the audio content) and can be used on whiteboards. The folder also includes printable students’ activity worksheets and CUT-OUT characters’ masks for practising role-playing. SUBJECTS FOR YEAR 1 TO YEAR 6 : Topic and practice worksheets include: o Fröhliche Weihnachten! o Weihnachten - Spielen im Schnee o Der Weihnachtsabend/ o Der Weihnachtsschmuck o Was wünschst du dir zu Weihnachten? o Der Spielzeugkatalog Decoraciones de Navidad • Die Weihnachtsdekoration • Die Weihnachtsdekoration • Der Weihnachtsschmuck SONG LYRICS • HEIDSCHI BUMBEIDSCHI • WEIßE WEIHNACHT • O TANNENBAUM Folder includes: • 1 Puppet Theatre • 3 cut out puppets • 3 large classroom posters with sound embedded for display • 3 pages with the Genesis and characters' description • 3 song lyrics • 11 pages featuring 6 complete lesson plans • 3 quiz games • 22 printable students’ practice and topic worksheets • 48 cut-out characters’ masks for role-playing