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Non lo so! Helping students to speak.

Non lo so! Helping students to speak.

How often do you have a student tell you they do not "know" how to answer a question or do an assignment? Insecurity and fear of failure can be a terrible barrier at any age. This poster will help your student release the anxiety of production to find new ways of trying to understand a task and become an active part of the class. Enjoy!

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These great set of language flashcards for you to print as many times as you want. Each flashcard is A5 size, but your can print them as pocket size or photocopy them larger. They would make a great display, can be used for language activities or provide support for a multicultural classroom. Use at home with children new to the English language by looking at the picture and practise reading the word. Print the cards and match them together reading the Italian and English word each time. Each card has a colourful image that relates to the word, and the flag of the country and a map of the country is denoted on each card. Card topics include: Room in the house – bathroom, bedroom etc Items in each room such as bed, chair, table, TV etc Rooms in school – library, classroom, dining room etc Items found at school – pencil, pen, football etc Places to go – cinema, swimming, etc Common animals – cat, dog, etc Transport – bus, car, bike, plane, etc Emergency – police, fire, ambulance, doctor, hospital, etc Body parts – head, face, eye, leg, back etc Outside – tree, grass, flowers etc Colours – red, green, blue, etc Numbers – one to ten People – man, woman, children, baby etc

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FlashSticks are an award-winning teaching resource, using foreign language Post-it Notes that combine with a free digital app to delivery pronunciation/deeper digital content. FlashSticks have been developed through a collaboration between Learnings Labs (an Innovation Birmingham company) and multi-national, 3M. FlashSticks are available for French, Spanish, Italian, German, English and British Sign Language. Prices start from only £4.99. Resources available from WHSmith, Staples, Amazon, YPO, KCS, TTS, HCS and bookshops. More at www.flashsticks.com

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