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Shape Space Bundle

Shape Space Bundle

Over £25 pounds resources at a crazy price. SPECIAL PRICE TODAY ONLY! This contains 12 resources, the resources are mainly some of best animated graphics you would have seen for these topics. The animations allow you to take control and ensure students understand. Example the Pythagoras tool has a 3D Pythagoras animation which shows where the right angle triangle is located using colour. These at the moment are at a special discounted price, they will not remain at this price for very long. 1. Pythagoras Great Animation TOOL to assist you teaching Pythagoras. 2. Plans and Elevation Animation TOOL to assist you teaching Plans and Elevation. 3. Surface Area Animation Tool to assist you teaching Surface Area. 4. Reading the Clock Digital and Analogue TOOL. 5. Trigonometry 6. Advanced Trigonometry 7. Construction Tools 8. Symmetry Tools Ideal for GCSE 9-1 exam practice Ideal for GCSE revision