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Eco Fabric Bag full Project for Textiles, DT, based on 3 R's  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Eco Fabric Bag full Project for Textiles, DT, based on 3 R's Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Full Project, a series of ten fantastic one hour lesson PowerPoints, suitable for Year 7’s or 8’s to design and manufacture their own eco bag. Students will research all about the 3 R’s, Textiles decorating techniques and how to use the sewing machine to then design and manufacture their own eco bag. A fun and engaging project. This resource includes a series of PowerPoints aimed to provide everything you need, to run this project for 10 lessons; including Learning Objectives, Success Criteria and detailed tasks and step-by-step instructions. Each lesson includes starters, main tasks and homeworks. Also includes a sewing machine driving test and an extension task worksheet which is also suitable for setting as a cover lesson. Practical lesson PowerPoints clearly show examples of previously made products and provide clear step-by-step instructions. to allow your students to follow at their own pace without constantly having to check with you! Lesson 1: Design brief, specification and researching the eco theme of the 3 R’s. Lesson 2: Product analysis and initial design ideas Lesson 3: Peer evaluation and developed design ideas Lesson 4: Fabric decorative techniques, samples and testing Lesson 5: Learning how to set up and use the sewing machine Lessons 6-7: Decorating and printing fabric, sewing hems on bag Lessons 8-9: Sewing and manufacturing bag. Lesson 10: Final evaluation, including peer evaluation and analysis of testing.
African Art Unit for KS1

African Art Unit for KS1

Unit of 5 lessons. Suitable for KS1 or even lower KS2 with poor art skills. Used in Autumn 1 to encourage good skills and neat tidying skills from the outset! Lots of different techniques built up: Painting (ready-mixed and powder), drawing, lines, collage, cutting, layering, colour. Detailed Powerpoints and planning for each session Examples of display pictures also included.
Chinese New Year Printables Collection

Chinese New Year Printables Collection

Happy Chinese New Year from ABCmouse! From coloring printables to holiday cards, ABCmouse is a great resource for free activities to help your class celebrate the Chinese New Year. Create your FREE ABCmouse for Teachers account to access these and thousands more printable and digital resources for preschool through 2nd grade. Visit to sign up.
Art Project - Antarctica Themed - Ideal Cover Lessons / Short Project - 7-8  Lesson Tasks

Art Project - Antarctica Themed - Ideal Cover Lessons / Short Project - 7-8 Lesson Tasks

Art Project - Antarctica Themed - Ideal Long term Cover Lessons / Short Project - 7-8 Lesson Tasks 27 slides of resources, lesson activities, worksheets, linked learning questions KEY LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Develop the ability to ANALYSE pictures/information to inspire ideas Develop the skill of drawing in PROPORTION Develop the knowledge of using TINT & SHADE to mix new colours Experiment with LINE drawing Explore Creative Outcomes LEARNING OUTCOMES Artist Study Worksheet Artic Colouring Artist copy Polar bear Proportion drawing Cartoon Penguin Proportion drawing Colour mixing outcomes – Acrylic & Watercolour Abstract Icebergs – Line Drawings Silhouette Sponge Painting Final Artistic outcome
Valentines Day Letter Box ::  Valentines Craft ::  Valentine Card Holder ::

Valentines Day Letter Box :: Valentines Craft :: Valentine Card Holder ::

Valentine Paper Bag Letter Box :: Easy and quick So many possibilities and extensions. An easy to make Valentine Letter Box that is perfect for Valentine Card exchanges. Many variations for your kids to design their own unique Letter Box. Mix and match options can easily differentiate creativity abilities in the classroom. I have used this simple craft in my room for years. Every year we create these Valentine Letter Boxes. On Valentine’s Day the kids come in with their Valentine cards and delight in reading the names on the cards and delivering them to their correct Letter Box. Once the chaos is completed and all the Valentine cards are hand-out all I have to do is staple up the roof together and Voila! Valentines are packed up and ready to go home. Kids love creating these easy Letter Boxes. Check out the preview of the templates and easy to follow instructions. Materials needed to complete the Valentine’s Letter Box • Printed craft templates - 1 Wrap and 1 Lid Flap temple • 1 Lunch sized Brown Paper Bag • Scissors, glue and colouring materials • Optional embellishments: glitter, ribbon, construction paper ***************************************************************************** Keywords: :: Paper Bag Crafts :: Valentines Ideas :: Valentine’s Day :: Valentine card holder :: Valentines Printables :: Valentines paper crafts :: Valentine’s Mailbox :: Valentine’s Letter Box :: Valentine :: Ms Lil ::
The Three Little Pigs building site role play story pack

The Three Little Pigs building site role play story pack

A colourful role play pack to create a role play area of the 'Three Little Pigs Building Site' with pictures, signs, posters, forms to fill in etc Includes: Building site large sign Building site tools posters Construction site sign House design sheet House part posters Materials list Themed notes and messages sheets to photocopy Building supplies order form Building site safety ribbon Safety sign posters Warning sign posters
Masks Poster Pack 1: Protective Masks

Masks Poster Pack 1: Protective Masks

This is Set 1 (containing 13 posters) of the Types of Masks Poster Pack, a collection of over 40 posters in three packs depicting a range of different types of masks from around the world. Set 1's thirteen posters are organised into two groups. Group one is protective masks found in common occupations and includes Beekeeper, Welder, Astronaut, Diver, Police Officer, Firefighter and Cleaner. The second group covers medical protective masks and includes Surgeon, Nurse, Dentist, Hospital Visitor and Medical researcher. An introductory poster contains background information. A PowerPoint presentation is included with all the main photographs and the text. Each poster features a large, photograph highlighting the mask in context. A smaller photograph shows variations on that style of mask. A small information box details the masks use and function. The mask set was designed with the Drama teacher in mind as part of a comprehensive collection of masks.Masks can be integrated into many other areas of the curriculum and would be useful as topic starters in English, discussions of occupations and careers in HASS, models for Design and technology or for creative play and art work. Pack 2 will focus on Recreational Masks such as Hockey, Fencing and Paintballing. Pack 3 will focus on masks in entertainment such as the theatre and movies. Pack 4 will be a Cultural pack and look at ethnic and historical masks.