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PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING GERMAN LANGUAGE SKILLS AS WELL AS PRACTISING ESSENTIAL GERMAN STARTER VOCABULARY AT CHRISTMAS - GAMES CARDS AND 60-QUESTION QUIZ! This resources really does help to create a lively language learning environment. Students can develop, embed, reinforce and refresh their vocabulary and knowledge of high-frequency GERMAN VOCAB in a cooperative, communicative and interactive way, independently of the teacher - plenty to keep your students feeling festive in their GERMAN lessons around CHRISTMAS time! The cards and quiz have a bonus multi-focus on listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and spelling. Students can play alone, in pairs or in small groups. There are lots of whole-group games to play too. Play the whole-group quiz either before or after students play the card games. It doesn’t matter if any of the words don’t feature in your immediate or even longer-term learning plan: the games are a great way of encouraging your students to engage with GERMAN using a range of skills, and to build their vocabulary at the same time. They are particularly useful as revision activities as students progress to new stages in their GERMAN learning around CHRISTMAS time! This set features vocabulary in the following word groups: - die Tiere (indefinite article, all singular) - die Körperteile (definite article, range of singular and plural) - das Wetter - Obst und Gemüse (definite article) - die Schulfächer (definite article) The resource itself comprises 3 non-editable files in a zipped format: - game cards in both GERMAN and ENGLISH - 60-questions whole-group quick quiz - 60-questions whole-group quick quiz in pdf format that you can load on to a tablet or similar device which is really useful for more independent learning in the classroom, or if you're homeschooling. The cards definitely take a bit of prep – laminating is certainly worth the effort and expense, as you will be able to re-use the cards for many CHRISTMAS lessons to come. Printing in black and white will work equally well, as students can easily identify the GERMAN and ENGLISH cards from the different fonts used for each language. The whole-group 60-questions quiz is simply ready to go! Sets 1 and 2 featuring 198 words and phrases with two 60-question quizzes are also available as a combined resource at the special CHRISTMAS price of £5: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/german-christmas-design-games-and-quizzes-11166960 This resource consists of 3 non-editable files in a zipped format . Please read the TERMS OF USE carefully - the resource is copyright, and for single teacher/purchaser use only. VIELEN DANK UND FROHE WEIHNACHTEN!
German - Quantities of food & drink

German - Quantities of food & drink

Use this PPT to introduce pupils to how to give quantities of food and drink in German. It begins with an example conversation, then teaches the new vocab and finally, pupils play noughts and crosses with the new vocab.