Grammar  exercises

Grammar exercises

Grammar exercises :Irregular Verbs, Articles "a-an-the", Great Present Simple Set, HAVE GOT or HAS GOT, HE SHE IT, I have got.. Who has got?, Linking words, MIXED TENSES, One or ones, PASSIVE VOICE, Present perfect tense, Present simple tense boardgame, Present Simple, Present Continuous exercise, Question words, Some or any
Speak, Write and Play In Russian - How To Learn Russian The Fun Way

Speak, Write and Play In Russian - How To Learn Russian The Fun Way

* Please note - these resources provide visual prompts, not specific language instruction. The worksheets themselves are written in English. If you are learning Russian, the idea is to look at the images and talk about them in Russian. Russian Bingo pack: This is a simple starter game for students. There are 114 different pictures to choose from. Select a single picture and project the image on the wall or share it with the class as a handout. Let's Talk in Russian!: This set of cards looks at 57 different settings. The teacher describes something in the top card. The students then use this to model a sentence using the bottom set of pictures. There are lots of things to see and describe in every picture. When the students have completed this task, they can repeat it by working in pairs to discuss each picture. Let's Write in Russian pack: There are lots of ways of using this teaching pack. It could be used as writing assessment for students learning Russian. If you like this resource, please leave a comment and a review. For more of my teaching resources, please visit my Educational Resources Blog (