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GCSE GERMAN ALEVEL CONJUGATION PRACTICE 32 workbooks, each focusing on a particular German verb group in a range of tenses, with 150 conjugation questions in each workbook, that makes 4,800 conjugations in total. Each workbook has an accompanying answer key . The workbooks are ideal for a broad range of learners: advanced beginner KS3 German students, who are getting to grips with, or revising conjugation in German, and revising their verb vocabulary, to advanced A Level German students, who are engaging with more complex German grammar.

The workbooks focus on the mechanics of conjugation, rather than usage, but it’s useful to remind students of a number of things when focusing on or revising tense and verb conjugation. For example, with the future perfect tense, students need to have a firm grasp of werden in the present tense, of how to form past participles of a range of verb types, and to get used to ensuring that the haben in its infinitive form is situated at the end of the clause or sentence. I’ve found that when my students are able to provide the correct conjugation very quickly, and out of a specific context, they feel really confident that their conjugation skills are developing well.

Grammar books are not consistent with grammatical terminology, so in this context, the conditional perfect is I would have done or I would have been for example. I’ve used hätte & past participle or wäre & past participle as ich würde gemacht haben or ich würde gewesen sein are no longer commonly used in the way that ich hätte gemacht or ich wäre gewesen is for example. The conjugation is structured in the same way as the Konjunktiv II Plusquamperfekt, which is often called the pluperfect subjunctive in English grammatical terminology, though of course, the usage is different.

The verbs groups are:

= regular German verbs
= irregular & mixed German verbs
= high-frequency German verbs
= German reflexive verbs
= German separable verbs
= German verbs requiring sein in the perfect / pluperfect tense

My students definitely find the exercises to be a great way of practising, reinforcing and revising how to conjugate essential verbs in German.

Each conjugation workbook has the following structure:

Two alphabetical verb reference lists: German-English and English-German.

Three conjugation challenges, each with 50 individual conjugations:

Challenge 1: each verb conjugated in German across a range of pronouns, with students writing the corresponding English verb conjugation.

Challenge 2: gives the infinitive of each verb in German, specifying the target pronoun. Students write the corresponding verb conjugation in German.

Challenge 3: students write the corresponding German verb conjugation, and its infinitive, from an English prompt.

Notes and Next Steps, which encourages students to think about how their understanding of German conjugation works, reflect on what progress they have made, what their targets for improvement might realistically be, and what they might reasonably do in order to meet those targets. They also use this page to note any new verbs they learn, which helps them build up a comprehensive verb vocabulary. It’s also a useful tool to guide and inform whole-group discussion about learning and progress in general, which is a really popular activity with my students.

The answer key is a 6-page book which is absolutely essential in my view. Answer keys help students develop more independence in their learning, and provide them with an additional opportunity to engage with language and grammar.

Try this free sampler:


I’ve also included a selection of my free German resources you may not have seen in my store. Please ensure you haven’t already purchased any of the workbooks before you purchase this resource. The product is non-editable in a zipped format. It is copyright, all rights reserved. It may not be copied, rewritten, shared or distributed in any way. The license for purchase is a single-user license only. Please read the Terms of Use carefully.



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