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Welsh Role Play Cards / Chwarae rol

Welsh Role Play Cards / Chwarae rol

Welsh role play cards which can be used when doing oral activities. There are 2 ways to use them: - The children are that person (this way the children don't use the same "I like..." "I don't like..." phrases all the time. They work in pairs, one asks questions and one answers being the role play card. - They use the cards and speak in 3rd person about the person on the cards. Can also be used as a template to make your own! It is a simple resource but I hope its useful!

By christina22

Pa rhif? Powerpoint

Pa rhif? Powerpoint

Pa rhif? Powerpoint Numbers Welsh Reading Slot Drilio Second Language Welsh Sentence Patterns - questions and answers

By TwinkleStar68

England V Wales. Euro2016 Football. Design your own kit activity

England V Wales. Euro2016 Football. Design your own kit activity

The European Football Tournament is well underway and on Thursday England take on Wales. Are you letting your students watch? What are you doing with them before the game and at half time? What about this simple, fun activity? Join the celebrations by allowing your students to design their own football kit. They can use the templates provided to add patterns and colours. Perhaps they would like to design a new kit for their own team or simply add colour to represent their chosen nation? An ideal topical activity. Suitable for KS2 and KS3. Whichever team you and your students are supporting, good luck and enjoy the tournament!

By StartEducation