iGCSE Sociology - Unit 02 - Culture, Identity and Socialisation - Delivery Materials and Videos

iGCSE Sociology - Unit 02 - Culture, Identity and Socialisation - Delivery Materials and Videos.

Covers the topics:

  • understand the key terms culture, norms, values, roles, beliefs and identity, appreciate that these are social constructions and understand how they influence human behaviour
  • understand the terms conformity and non-conformity and how agencies of social control work know examples of rewards and sanctions applied in different societies and organisations
  • explain the nature of sub-cultures and how these impact on consensus and conflict
  • describe and account for diversity and variations in human behaviour and culture, including issues related to cultural relativism and multiculturalism
  • assess the view that globalisation is creating a global culture
  • explain the ways in which childhood is socially constructed
  • describe the processes of learning and socialisation, both primary and secondary
  • explain the different agencies of socialisation and their impact on individuals, including the consequences of inadequate socialisation
  • assess the different views in the nature/nurture debate
  • assess role, age, gender, ethnic group and class as influences on social identity.


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