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Nativity and Advent

2x 1 hour PP, worksheets, well differentiated and easily adapted. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes) and are designed to last one hour each. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: EC_Resources Leave me a review and pick any other resource for free :)
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Native Americans workbook / booklet

Fantastic booklet for students to work through to comprehensively cover the native Americans. Perfect for AQA 'American West: Expansion and Consolidation'. **You can adapt to suit textbook you have, this is built around the white American west textbook (the American west 1840-1895 Shepard and Martin) and the green textbook (SHP American West Willoughby). **
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Native American Indians: Weapons and Warfare

This lesson has been created for KS3 but could be easily adapted to KS4 students studying American West etc. Provided: Hook: Starter Lesson Intention and differentiated outcomes: Plenary. Pupils to study evidence to judge the best Native American weapon by the end of the lesson. Videos are included within the presentation. This lesson could be used without the need for exercise books. (All images and videos from Google / YouTube). Many Thanks. Categories
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The Nativity

This is a high level lesson asking students to read two versions of the Nativity and to compare the stories looking for similarities and differences within each. Provided is a lesson PowerPoint complete with a range of activities/ instructions. You will also find an extension activity for the more able. For the lesson you will need: Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12
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Religions of the Native Plains Tribes

This lesson is about the religious beliefs specifically of the Native American Tribes on the Great Plains up tot he 19th century. The information was based on the textbook 'The life of the Plain's Indians' a textbook published in the UK. This worksheet based lesson teaches pupils about the Great Spirit or Wakan Tanka, visions and the purpose of ceremonies like the sundance and the work of medicine men. Pupils read the information and complete the large worksheet about each topic. Very good as part of a topic on Native Americans before the clash of civilisations. ***************************************************************************** TERMS OF USE: This download (free or purchased) is for your own personal use in your classroom or your home. Please do not share my resources with others unless given explicit consent by me. Please direct them to my store instead. You may not share this download. You may not alter any item in this download, resell and claim as your own work. Similarly, you may not sell or share these resources with anyone and you may not use the contents of this download to create anything for commercial purposes or other commercial products. If you are an education board or school and would like to use my resources district wide, please contact me about licensing. (MsHughesTeaches) All rights reserved. © A. Hughes (MsHughesTeaches)
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How the lives of Native Americans changed 1877 - 1900

14 slide p[owerpoint looking at how the lives of Native Americans changed between 1877 - 1900 The death of Custer and the desire for revenge The shrinking Native American reservations Conditions on the reservations - source work x2 Buffalo and the railways - source work Buffalo extinction - effects - source work Ways that Native American Culture was attacked x2 The Ghost Dance Causes and events of Wounded Knee Consequences of wounded Knee - information and tasks
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Card Sort: Native American beliefs

This card sort is designed to help students studying Native American beliefs. This activity is suitable to the full range of abilities as a starter, plenary or revision activity. It could also be used as a homework activity to help consolidate learning and should work alongside any main stream resource on the American West. When you purchase the resource, you will be able to download a single page Microsoft Office Word document, which can be edited and further customised if necessary. The resource includes leaning objective, instructions, four headings cards including circles, spirits, farming and mining as well as fourteen statements summarising key Native American beliefs. Once the cards have been cut out, students are expected to sort through the statements and match them to the correct headings. In order to introduce some discussion and debate, we have deliberately included several statements that could easily be applied to several headings. Hopefully these should provide some extension for the higher ability students. The aims and objectives of this lesson are: Theme: What was the American West? Know: What did Native Americans believe? Understand: How were these ideas linked to circles, land and the 'Spirit World.' Analyse: begin to compare these ideas and work out which ones could possibly conflict with European beliefs? WILF Identify: What were the key Native American beliefs? Describe: What native Americans believed by matching the cards successfully? Explain: How the beliefs were matched to their ideas on circles, the Spirit World and land. Analyse: Begin to form a judgement on why Native American beliefs came into conflict with those of the European settlers? If you like this resource then why not check out my other resources on this topic in my TES shop. You can also follow 'The History Academy' on Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook for the latest updates or even to get in touch and chat about how you have used this resource or to ask questions. We aim to produce cheap and affordable resources for either the price of a good cup of coffee or a happy meal so that you can spend more time doing the things that you want. Anyway, have fun and stay in touch via social media for the latest updates. Kind Regards Roy


The Nativity bundle is suitable for KS1 / lower KS2 It consists of * 12 display cards/ posters (2 per page) of the main nativity characters * Nativity word search * Nativity story sequencing activity (print and cut the pieces) * 3 Colouring pages * 10 Bingo cards with 3 calling cards Thank you for your interest!
Native AmericansQuick View

Native Americans

Planning, information and totem pole activity for a topic on Native American peoples for apprx. 6-8 weeks.
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The Nativity

This detailed and engaging lesson includes an hour-long PowerPoint and worksheets. The lesson has three levels of difficulty to challenge all your students. Please note this is the US version of The Nativity. The UK version can be found below:
Christmas - The Nativity Birth of JesusQuick View

Christmas - The Nativity Birth of Jesus

Christmas - The Nativity Birth of Jesus A Grab and Go Lesson! Zero prep. New purchasers get 90% off this resource. Enter code: 90November @ checkout! Return buyers get 50% off with code: 50THANKS @ checkout! Includes: Lots of Fun activities, Exam Style Questions, a revision placemat & an Interactive Quiz (WITH MUSIC). For more fun activities based on the Christmas Season please click here. This resource was originally planned to span a 2 hour double lesson, but can easily be split into a series of lessons. This pack includes: PowerPoint: 70 slides!!!!! Resource Booklet: 14 Sheets. This lesson is designed to take pupils through the Nativity story and the myths that surround it. Starter activity: Completion of last lesson's Give me 5 activity. Summary of Tasks: Letter Generator: Pupils have to come up with as many words using the letters of the alphabet as they can using the stimulus given. Beat The Teacher: There is a task on Biblical references based on the prophecies of the Messiah- for a bit of beat the teacher fun!! Cartoon Strip: Pupils will then have the opportunity to retell the story of the Nativity as their remember it using the Cartoon Strip resources. 2 Video clips: PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS SUGGESTED THAT YOU USE THE NATIVITY STORY' (2009) FILM FOR THIS LESSON. If this is not available, then feel free to use any clips you see fit. Biblical Accounts: Pupils are given the Biblical accounts as found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. They are tasked with completing a Venn Diagram on these passages. YouTube Clip: Pupils will then watch as short video based on the myths surrounding the Nativity and fill in a worksheet accordingly. Finally...There is a Revision Placemat based on the information needed for the exam. Pupils can be given this or we use it initially as an A3 laminated work mat. Pupils can use this to answer the new style exam questions a)-d). Homework: Pupils must fill in the Unwrapping the Nativity worksheet with as much information as possible. Plenary: The Nativity Quiz-18 questions and answers based on the birth narratives-pupils absolutely love this!! This section is interactive and includes music. Religious Vocabulary: Pupils have opportunity to use the Religious Studies Vocabulary Booklet to add any additional Key Words they learn during the lesson. Homework Activity: To research facts about Jesus in preparation for their next lesson. We really do value your feedback! If you review this resource, you can choose another of the same value for FREE. Head over to our Facebook Page: @TeachElite and message us with your selection.
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Simple rhyming nativity script

This is a nice simple nativity script, suitable to be used with either Reception or Key Stage 1 classes. Every single part has a simple rhyme to it, which enables the children to remember their lines so much easier. There are some light touches of humour included, and the script includes stage directions and some suggestions for props. Included with this is a blank cast list sheet to make it easy to keep track of your chosen actors and actresses! I have included within the script some suggestions of songs to sing in some of the gaps between speaking roles (all traditional songs easily available to find, such as silent night, twinkle twinkle little star, little donkey etc). This was a very popular nativity with the parents of my class and the parallel reception class when we performed it.
Nativity Story Sequencing CardsQuick View

Nativity Story Sequencing Cards

Nativity Story Sequencing Cards: 10 cards which tell the Nativity story in simple text with images to colour. Cut them out, colour them in and arrange them in the correct order to tell the Christmas Story. A great Christmas resource for all ages. For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
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Native American Unit

This is a rigorous unit geared at student engagement, thinking, reading, and writing skills. Students read and analyze both informational and fictional texts, and write an argumentative and literary essay. This unit was designed for students to celebrate the rich and complex history of North America’s first people. Please download the preview for more information. There are more than 80 pages which include: Two page Informational Text Articles with Comprehension Questions and Activities: - The First Americans - Cultures of the Southwest - Cultures of the Northwest - Cultures of the Great Plains - Eastern Woodlands Natives - Mound Building Cultures - The Inuit Fictional Text with Comprehension Questions and Activities: - The Raven and The Crow: The Stolen Potlatch - The Legend of Good Luck - The Coyote and the Buffalo ***********************************************