Persuasive WritingQuick View

Persuasive Writing

A 50 minute standalone lesson on persuasive writing techniques aimed at a Year 9 mixed ability group. Uses The X Factor power cut incident as a starter. Includes scaffolded worksheet for lower ability students. Students should end up writing a 30 second radio advert using a variety of persuasive devices.

By lfernback

Persuasive writingQuick View

Persuasive writing

Outstanding observed lesson based around visiting Disney World. Fully resourced lesson including level descriptors, modelled paragraphs, around the room activities- all easily adaptable. Objectives: To successfully recognise and identify aspects of persuasive language. To create a plan for a persuasive speech using manipulating language to suit audience and purpose.

By Carly2311

Persuasive WritingQuick View

Persuasive Writing

Ks3 lesson on writing persuasively. Includes success criteria and writing frame.

By mrpinkhouse

Class President persuasive writingQuick View

Class President persuasive writing

Using the latest presidential election as a springboard for the lesson, students write a speech discussing why they should be the next president of the class. Great for speaking and listening as well as Q5 skills Paper 2.

By MissHaywood90

Features of Persuasive WritingQuick View

Features of Persuasive Writing

A quick reference list of features to persuade: - Anecdote - Alliteration - Facts - Opinions - Repetition - Rhetorical Questions - Emotive Language - Statistics - Triplication - Hyperbole - Direct Address - Conditional Tense See my Trump analysis which has this resource thrown in for free!

By Teaching_Tips

Rainforest persuasive writingQuick View

Rainforest persuasive writing

I created 7 lessons to cover the Y5 objectives for persuasive writing and speaking linked to our topic on Rainforests. Due to copyright laws I can't share all the resources mentioned but the links for them are: HA text referred to in Lesson 1 was taken from but is also really good. I used for information for my AA and LA pupils. I copied and pasted the information from these sites to share with my class as the internet isn't always reliable at my school. The mobile discussion text was taken from but there are equally good ones on TES. A great school uniform discussion text has been shared via

By TheNaughtyKid

Persuasive Writing - school uniformQuick View

Persuasive Writing - school uniform

This is a handout that I produced to assist in the writing of a persuasive letter about banning school uniform. The handout includes arguments for and against, as well as some facts and figures about school uniform and a small bank of persuasive techniques.

By MissFincham

Persuasive writing featuresQuick View

Persuasive writing features

A persuasive writing worksheet, with features to cut out and match within the sample text. Also included is a frame to help lower attaining children when writing their own text.

By jamesappleby

Persuasive Writing: Key FeaturesQuick View

Persuasive Writing: Key Features

A worksheet that includes information and activities to familiarise students with the conventions and features of writing to persuade. Includes key words and comparisons of persuasive texts.

By TesEnglish

Persuasive letter writing exampleQuick View

Persuasive letter writing example

I couldn't find a text on line which provided the example of what I was looking for in a model persuasive letter. So I wrote one (and wish that i had done earlier as it was quicker) This is a letter to the head teacher which tries to persuade them to get rid of school uniform. It can be used as a model text to look at with the children to identify features and language. It could be used a starting letter to be up-leveled and improved We used it as the 'Imitate' text at the beginning of a T4W cycle Hope you find it useful and it saves you some time.

By Rachael44

Room 101 - Persuasive WritingQuick View

Room 101 - Persuasive Writing

9 slide Room 101 Persuasive writing activity encouraging students to complete a persuasive piece using DAFOREST techniques. Including plenary self-reflective activity. Includes hand-out list of techniques for revision and reference during the lesson. Includes worksheet for peer assessment - tick sheet exercise recognising DAFOREST techniques in use for Room 101 presentations.

By MissCResources

Guide to persuasive letter writingQuick View

Guide to persuasive letter writing

A powerpoint, which should be linked to a letter (I have uploaded an example) and can be used in conjunction with a planning document (one has been uploaded) to guide children through the persuasive letter writing process. In this instance, I have written a letter to the head teacher about banning playtimes from school and discussed with the children her job role, i.e. keeping them safe, ensuring their learn, keeping them happy etc. We linked my letter back to those points, and their letters were then based on these points.

By Miss_N

Persuasive writing activity cards, AdvertsQuick View

Persuasive writing activity cards, Adverts

Differentiated cards - yellow MA, Green A and Red LA These were given out in the lesson in envelopes and the children worked in pairs to come up with ways to persuade certain groups of people to visit various places. They had to keep their cards a secret from others in the class. At the end of the lesson they read out or played their radio ads and the other children had to guess who their ads were aimed at and discuss how and why they were successful. Persuasive bingo plenary game

By TeachersArchive

 Persuasive Writing Chocolate UnitQuick View

Persuasive Writing Chocolate Unit

Persuasive Writing Chocolate Unit Persuasive Writing Chocolate – Complete Unit of Work 4 Weeks This download includes a complete four-week literacy unit on persuasive writing. Children will examine persuasive text in different mediums and then create their own advert for a product they have designed (chocolate bar), before in the final week applying the techniques they have learnt to other areas of persuasive writing. Everything you need to teach the whole unit is included. This download includes: - Full and detailed lesson plans - PowerPoint slides for lessons - activities for every lesson with clear progression - examples, prompts and templates for the activities Thanks for looking. Please remember to leave feedback, for updates and promotions you can also follow me here. ***************************************************************************** My other English products: Complete Instruction Writing Unit . Complete Recount Writing Unit . Complete Dialogues and Play Scripts Writing Unit . *****************************************************************************

By TheGingerTeacher

Persuasive Speech WritingQuick View

Persuasive Speech Writing

Aimed at Key Stage 3 students this lesson gained a grade 1 in an Ofsted visit. Persuasive techniques Speech Writing Includes progress checks; Peer Assessment and Writing Frame. Suitable for High, Middle and Lower Ability as it is differentiated throughout. Enjoy!

By nicchaselea