Persuasive writing featuresQuick View

Persuasive writing features

A persuasive writing worksheet, with features to cut out and match within the sample text. Also included is a frame to help lower attaining children when writing their own text.

By jamesappleby

Persuasive Writing for World Book DayQuick View

Persuasive Writing for World Book Day

In celebration of World Book Day, this adaptable PowerPoint provides appropriate models that inform pupils as to how they can use their persuasive skills in order to 'sell' their reading book to their peers. This whole lesson PowerPoint is accessible across upper level KS2, KS3 and KS4.

By deepavali_sehgal1

Features of Persuasive WritingQuick View

Features of Persuasive Writing

A quick reference list of features to persuade: - Anecdote - Alliteration - Facts - Opinions - Repetition - Rhetorical Questions - Emotive Language - Statistics - Triplication - Hyperbole - Direct Address - Conditional Tense See my Trump analysis which has this resource thrown in for free!

By Teaching_Tips

How To Write A Persuasive SpeechQuick View

How To Write A Persuasive Speech

There are a number tricks of the trade to help you write and deliver a confident, convincing and persuasive speech to win over the crowd…you just need to make sure you go for a walk through: A FOREST:

By WillsonEducation

How to write a film review: identifying persuasive techniques.Quick View

How to write a film review: identifying persuasive techniques.

This animated Power Point uses a review written by Angie Errigo of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film starring Johnny Depp. The review is split into paragraphs and the pupils try to identify features such as rhetorical questions, emotive language, hyperbole etc. Pupils are required to distinguish between fact and opinion and to list the good and bad points of the film as outlined by Errigo in her review. This resource will be useful when revising features of persuasive writing and is suitable for audiences of 12 years +.The film is rated PG and the review is mixed giving a 3/5 star rating.

By jlimb

Persuasive ArticlesQuick View

Persuasive Articles

Targeted at mixed ability KS3 pupils, this adaptable PowerPoint provides a detailed and well-modeled insight into the ways in which pupils can create persuasive articles particularly in food reviews. By comparing tabloids and broadsheets, pupils begin to explore how they can themselves create an effective article about their critic of a food experience.

By deepavali_sehgal1

Writing to argue and persuadeQuick View

Writing to argue and persuade

I have bundled together three resources which will be useful when revising persuasive writing techniques and devices.

By jlimb

Persuasive writingQuick View

Persuasive writing

Outstanding observed lesson based around visiting Disney World. Fully resourced lesson including level descriptors, modelled paragraphs, around the room activities- all easily adaptable. Objectives: To successfully recognise and identify aspects of persuasive language. To create a plan for a persuasive speech using manipulating language to suit audience and purpose.

By Carly2311

Writing Persuasive Texts  Complete Lesson – The Boy in the DressQuick View

Writing Persuasive Texts Complete Lesson – The Boy in the Dress

Writing Persuasive Texts Complete Lesson – The Boy in the Dress Complete Lesson on Writing Persuasive Letters, Related to The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams This download includes a complete, lesson on the seventeenth chapter of the book The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams. Children will read and discuss the chapter. There is a PowerPoint to explain the activity and then practice persuading each other. Children can then plan and write their own persuasive letter. There is also a short chapter summary sheet for children to complete to reflect on the chapter read. You will need a copy of the book The Boy in the Dress; everything else needed is included in this download. This download includes: - Full and detailed lesson plan - PowerPoint slides for the lesson - Word prompt sheets - Writing frame - Chapter review sheets This is the seventeenth chapter in my Boy in the Dress series of lessons, the first is here Thanks for looking. Please remember to leave feedback, for updates and promotions you can also follow me here ***************************************************************************** My other English products: Complete Instruction Writing Unit Complete Persuasive Writing Unit Complete Dialogues and Play Scripts Writing Unit *****************************************************************************

By TheGingerTeacher

Persuasive Speech - ToneQuick View

Persuasive Speech - Tone

This resource teaches pupils how to write a persuasive speech that captures a specific tone. The resource is steered towards the Writing section of the AQA language papers. Lesson uses extracts from speeches by Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator. Lesson includes: * Date/Title/Learning Objective * Do now activity - exploration of two different speeches with different tones. * Explanation and definition of tone * Watching The Final Speech from The Great Dictator with thinking questions. * Language analysis of speech - exploring how language creates tone. * Brainstorming activity to recall persuasive techniques for speech writing. * Planning sheet for main task * Main task: Writing a speech. Task includes discussion points and success criteria * ADDITIONAL RESOURCE - guided reading extract from The Final Speech with thinking questions and glossary.

By jbuddy85

Room 101 - Persuasive WritingQuick View

Room 101 - Persuasive Writing

9 slide Room 101 Persuasive writing activity encouraging students to complete a persuasive piece using DAFOREST techniques. Including plenary self-reflective activity. Includes hand-out list of techniques for revision and reference during the lesson. Includes worksheet for peer assessment - tick sheet exercise recognising DAFOREST techniques in use for Room 101 presentations.

By MissCResources

Persuasive Writing Year 5Quick View

Persuasive Writing Year 5

These lessons are a follow on from the persuasive letter writing letter in which I have uploaded previously. The children will have some background knowledge of how to persuade before these lessons. It involves teaching the children how to adopt a view point and also provide evidence for the side that they are arguing. These lessons involve persuading people not to go to Seaworld because of the cruelty to animals. Or defending Seaworld if the children wish to choose that point of view.

By Morrisr9

Debates / Persuasive Writing SkillsQuick View

Debates / Persuasive Writing Skills

A engaging way into Writing to Persuade/Writing to Present a Viewpoint by creating and presenting debates about confectionery. This Ppt. will lead through a few lessons on debating, including a homework task and some interesting clips.

By pip_knowles

Persuasive WritingQuick View

Persuasive Writing

A 50 minute standalone lesson on persuasive writing techniques aimed at a Year 9 mixed ability group. Uses The X Factor power cut incident as a starter. Includes scaffolded worksheet for lower ability students. Students should end up writing a 30 second radio advert using a variety of persuasive devices.

By lfernback

Informative, Explanative and Persuasive WritingQuick View

Informative, Explanative and Persuasive Writing

Looking at the difference between these three styles of writing. How are they different. List of techniques to make writing engaging. Teacher models on the same topic for each writing type. Example to have a go at. Self-assessment.

By sianbrowett

Persuasive writing activity cards, AdvertsQuick View

Persuasive writing activity cards, Adverts

Differentiated cards - yellow MA, Green A and Red LA These were given out in the lesson in envelopes and the children worked in pairs to come up with ways to persuade certain groups of people to visit various places. They had to keep their cards a secret from others in the class. At the end of the lesson they read out or played their radio ads and the other children had to guess who their ads were aimed at and discuss how and why they were successful. Persuasive bingo plenary game

By TeachersArchive

Class President persuasive writingQuick View

Class President persuasive writing

Using the latest presidential election as a springboard for the lesson, students write a speech discussing why they should be the next president of the class. Great for speaking and listening as well as Q5 skills Paper 2.

By MissHaywood90