Persuasive writing featuresQuick View

Persuasive writing features

A persuasive writing worksheet, with features to cut out and match within the sample text. Also included is a frame to help lower attaining children when writing their own text.

By jamesappleby

Persuasive Writing ActivitiesQuick View

Persuasive Writing Activities

A range of lessons based on persuasion including creative tasks, drama activities and writing tasks. Good for making links to English Language Paper 2 Section B or the S&L task.

By StePercy88

Persuasive writing SOWQuick View

Persuasive writing SOW

This SOW, which includes several lesson-by-lesson PPTs, can be used with KS3 or GCSE students. The scheme of work directs students to learn and identify persuasive devices in exemplar material, then prompts students to write their own persuasive writing piece. This SOW can be used to fulfill the writing to persuade coursework one piece for CIE First Language English or it can be used to prepare students for writing tasks on the GCSE exam. Equally, the SOW can be used with KS3 students for any writing to persuade or writing to argue unit. All exemplar material and activities are included.

By somtamntinks

Persuasive Writing WorksheetQuick View

Persuasive Writing Worksheet

This worksheet is suitable for all abilities to plan a persuasive piece of writing. Students are given opportunities to create a new product or 'sell' their favourite experience or commodity. Can be used as an extended starter sheet in a persuasive writing lesson. Teachers need only provide their own success criteria for a persuasive speech; i.e. use of rhetorical questions and exclamation marks. Plenary: most impressive speeches read aloud by teacher or student.


Persuasive Letter writingQuick View

Persuasive Letter writing

For a lower year 7 set. It builds up to them writing the first paragraph of a persuasive letter, prior to this lesson I taught them persuasive techniques. The lesson includes lots of mind mapping, which i find builds their confidence so that they can confidently write.

By jlovellvaughan



This resource contains everything you need to get going with Persuasive Writing in your classroom. This Resource Includes: 1. A Detailed Lesson Plan 2. Structure of a Persuasive Paragraph 3. List of Connectives 4. Sample Persuasive Paragraph 5. Assessment Rubrics 6. Worksheets (6 Exercises) 7. Persuasive Bingo 8. List of Active Verbs 9. Adjectives & Adverbs Learning Objectives: • To understand the use of persuasive techniques. • To select all the relevant material. • To express it concisely without repeating ideas, using synonyms. • To summarize using the formal register. • To write an article persuading people to buy your product. Teachers can use this to enhance the persuasive and writing skills of the learners, especially the technique needed to present refuting and supporting reasons in writing.

By john421969



If you would like to teach your students a step-by step approach to writing persuasively and also scaffold every stage of the writing process, then you will find this Persuasive/Opinion writing bundle very useful. All components in this pack are designed to facilitate students to sit state tests or writing assessments. This is a growing bundle. By purchasing this bundle you will have access to all future resources on Persuasive Writing as they are released individually at no additional cost. The price will rise as consecutive packs/resources are added. The bundle features a mix of print-n-go sheets, mentor texts, interactive notebook templates, hunt cards, anchor charts, posters, checklists and rubrics. The materials adhere to a formal writing style complete with close detail to elements of structure and composition of persuasive texts whereby opinion is supported by relevant details. For further details of lessons and activities, read more about each resource included in this bundle

By Fortheloveofkids3

Writing to Persuade/Persuasive writing - Writing a speechQuick View

Writing to Persuade/Persuasive writing - Writing a speech

Attached is a lesson which can be adapted and used right through KS3/4. The lesson is to teach pupils about how to write to persuade using the IPERSUADE acronym which was previously taught; I - Imperatives P - Personal Pronouns E - Emotive Language R - Rhetorical question S - Statistics U - Use discourse markers A - Anecdote D - Direct address E - Exaggeration (Hyperbole) Included on the Powerpoint is a hyperlinked video to Churchill's speech and mark schemes for both KS4 (Eduqas English Language Component 2) and KS3 so you can adapt these accordingly. Also included is a writing frame/plan with sentence starters and a copy of the original speech. The task is 'You are the Prime Minister and Great Britain is about to go to war. Write a speech addressing the country about the news'. Many thanks!

By mratcliffe88

Persuasive Writing  - Creating a LeafletQuick View

Persuasive Writing - Creating a Leaflet

A lesson that uses the building of the Titanic II as a stimulus for creating a persuasive leaflet aimed at teenagers. Modelling and opportunities for assessment provided. Fully resourced. Lesson was observed and graded as Outstanding.

By mariewheeldon

Persuasive WritingQuick View

Persuasive Writing

Ks3 lesson on writing persuasively. Includes success criteria and writing frame.

By mrpinkhouse

Persuasive WritingQuick View

Persuasive Writing

A 50 minute standalone lesson on persuasive writing techniques aimed at a Year 9 mixed ability group. Uses The X Factor power cut incident as a starter. Includes scaffolded worksheet for lower ability students. Students should end up writing a 30 second radio advert using a variety of persuasive devices.

By lfernback

Persuasive writingQuick View

Persuasive writing

Outstanding observed lesson based around visiting Disney World. Fully resourced lesson including level descriptors, modelled paragraphs, around the room activities- all easily adaptable. Objectives: To successfully recognise and identify aspects of persuasive language. To create a plan for a persuasive speech using manipulating language to suit audience and purpose.

By Carly2311

English Language Persuasive Writing AssessmentQuick View

English Language Persuasive Writing Assessment

This is an in-depth assessment which not only enables you to analyse your students' knowledge of persuasive techniques, but also gives you a good idea of where their ability lies in terms of their application of persuasive language and techniques. The assessment is split into 3 sections. Section A is comprised of 5 short answer questions about persuasive techniques. In Section B, the students are given a piece of writing which is very boring. They will need to think of ways in which you can transform it to persuade their audience to buy the thing it is describing. There is an image there to help them. Section C is another writing exercise whereby the students will be asked to write their own persuasive piece in relation to a particular topic that is required by the questions.

By a_sutcliffe967