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Persuasive Writing

A 33 slide lesson on Persuasive writing using DAFOREST TECHNIQUES, asking students to identify persuasive techniques within a model paragraphs and create their own persuasive text before assessing. Easily editable and adaptable but ideally suited to KS3-KS4. Also included, all related resources.
Persuasive Writing Prompt MatQuick View

Persuasive Writing Prompt Mat

Prompt mat to support Persuasive Writing. Includes ideas for rhetorical questions, sentence starters, positive vocabulary and a reminder of AFOREST persuasive techniques.
Persuasive Writing - Social MediaQuick View

Persuasive Writing - Social Media

Lesson looking at the positives and negatives of social media on young people. Articles included both for and against social media. Includes a powerful video clip by Prince Ea on how social media is making us less social (click his picture as detailed in the notes on the presentation).
Persuasive Speech WritingQuick View

Persuasive Speech Writing

This resource introduces Year 7s to persuasive speech writing and some of the language features found in persuasive speeches. It comes with differentiated match up tasks for more and less able students.
Travel Writing - Persuasive ArticlesQuick View

Travel Writing - Persuasive Articles

We look at persuasive articles and how a modelled example uses DAFOREST techniques to engage its readers, plus how you can begin a persuasive article in order to engage a reader. We look at the theme of travel writing through different holiday destinations and how we can persuade readers to want to visit these places. Ideal for KS3 and KS4 students preparing for AQA English Language Paper 2 Section B or Question 5. Fully differentiated throughout.
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Persuasive writing SOW

This SOW, which includes several lesson-by-lesson PPTs, can be used with KS3 or GCSE students. The scheme of work directs students to learn and identify persuasive devices in exemplar material, then prompts students to write their own persuasive writing piece. This SOW can be used to fulfill the writing to persuade coursework one piece for CIE First Language English or it can be used to prepare students for writing tasks on the GCSE exam. Equally, the SOW can be used with KS3 students for any writing to persuade or writing to argue unit. All exemplar material and activities are included.
Dragons' Den Persuasive Project! (Building Speaking & Listening and Persuasive Writing Skills!)Quick View

Dragons' Den Persuasive Project! (Building Speaking & Listening and Persuasive Writing Skills!)

This resource is perfect for enabling students to build both their persuasive writing and their speaking and listening skills. Based upon the popular BBC series 'Dragons' Den', students have the opportunity to research, design, pitch, and evaluate arguments for their own inventions, whilst simultaneously analysing persuasive pitches, revising persuasive techniques, structuring arguments and articulating convincingly. Included is a 16 page booklet (I would say at least 4-5 hour lessons of tasks) that lead students to: - Introduce themselves and their interests; - Watch persuasive pitches (links included) and identify persuasive devices; - Analyse why persuasive devices are effective; - Structure an analysis appropriately; - Brainstorm ideas for an invention using imagination and helpful aiding questions; - Formulate an argument by considering key questions and counter arguments; - Write and present a persuasive pitch; - Peer-evaluate and self-evaluate persuasive pitches. I have also provided some examples of news stories featuring the worst and best pitches from the den, in order to provoke discussion about what makes a strong pitch. All images are licensed for commercial use and are cited throughout.
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Persuasive Writing Bundle

12 Resources
This bundle includes 15 lessons based on the genre, “Persuasive Writing”. This pack includes whole lessons that have everything you need to teach the topic and genre. Every lesson has a starter, a plenary, teaching models, group work, criteria for students to use to develop independence and individual writing activities and HW tasks. I have also included a handy FAR inspired assessment sheet that can be used to mark the students’ work using specific criteria that they can learn and use to make very clear progress easily, and there is also a self-assessment activity that draws on FAR marking strategies too. It’s suitable for KS3 and KS4. However, some ppts are more suited to KS4 classes and gifted (or accelerated) KS3 classes. You’ll have to make that decision based on your class’ abilities and skills.
Pointless - Persuasive Writing EditionQuick View

Pointless - Persuasive Writing Edition

Based on the popular game show ‘Pointless’, this resource is perfect for use as a starter activity, plenary, or revision tool. Editable, so that you can change to any other topic or change questions. Containing almost 30 slides of sound clips, engaging visuals, and suitably challenging questions, this resource is effective at both promoting engagement and enhancing learning. There are several full rounds of questions to build learning of Persuasive Writing: 1. Emotive Language 2. Definitions of Persuasive Devices 3. Adding and Contrasting Connectives 4. Remembering Persuasive Devices The nature of the game ensures that this resource can challenge students of all levels. A blank template is now included, so that you can create your own Pointless games!
Persuasive Speech - Writing and PresentingQuick View

Persuasive Speech - Writing and Presenting

A PowerPoint helping students to write a persuasive speech. It has modelled examples of AFOREST persuasive devices and a clip from Obama's speech to get inspiration. When students present their speeches in a group there is a peer assessment sheet which can be completed.
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Persuasive Writing

Here are resources for ideas for teaching persuasive writing. The first is a wanted poster - the search for the ultimate villain! I used X Men cartoons for inspiration, which can be found on Youtube. I've also included an interview lesson that I did on Alton Towers theme park. The resources are suitable for KS2. Have fun and by the way - I got the job!
Year 8 Persuasive WritingQuick View

Year 8 Persuasive Writing

Introduction Persuasive Writing PowerPoint scheme of work and supporting resources for mid ability year 8 class.
Year 5/6 Full lesson planning on persuasive writingQuick View

Year 5/6 Full lesson planning on persuasive writing

A full 2 weeks of lesson planning on persuasive writing. This was based around a real-life context. The head teacher comes to tell them that SLT are thinking of scrapping morning break and they have to write a letter to them to persuade them not to do it. The children loved it! Includes differentiation, success criteria, starters and immersion in the text.
Persuasive letter writing exampleQuick View

Persuasive letter writing example

I couldn't find a text on line which provided the example of what I was looking for in a model persuasive letter. So I wrote one (and wish that i had done earlier as it was quicker) This is a letter to the head teacher which tries to persuade them to get rid of school uniform. It can be used as a model text to look at with the children to identify features and language. It could be used a starting letter to be up-leveled and improved We used it as the 'Imitate' text at the beginning of a T4W cycle Hope you find it useful and it saves you some time.
Persuasive Writing DisplayQuick View

Persuasive Writing Display

An extensive display for KS2-3 on persuasive writing. Focusing on persuading someone to visit somewhere. Examples of language, features, paragraphs and key ideas. Bright colourful posters useful for display or a writer’s toolkit. All reviews welcome.
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Persuasive Writing

A 50 minute standalone lesson on persuasive writing techniques aimed at a Year 9 mixed ability group. Uses The X Factor power cut incident as a starter. Includes scaffolded worksheet for lower ability students. Students should end up writing a 30 second radio advert using a variety of persuasive devices.
Private Peaceful - persuasive writingQuick View

Private Peaceful - persuasive writing

The lesson objective is to understand why many young men like Tommo were so eager to go off to war. Pupils will identify the ways that men were persuaded to enlist in the army, and produce a piece of work which persuades people to join up for something. The lesson encourages analysis of War posters the Sergeant Major's speech and Jessie Pope's poem Who's for the Game?
Persuasive Writing Language matQuick View

Persuasive Writing Language mat

This mat is a double sided resources consisting of useful debate language sentence openers, emotive lanaguge (both positive and negative) and cohesive lanaguge. Can be used with KS2 children or higher.