Introduction to ShakespeareQuick View

Introduction to Shakespeare

PPT and resources (some adapted and some differentiated). Lesson judged as outstanding previously. Introducing Shakespeare's life.
Introduction to ShakespeareQuick View

Introduction to Shakespeare

An information hunt lesson featuring: A Shakespeare or Fakespeare insult starter. 6 informative information sheets. One worksheet to collect information. A Shakespeare quiz plenary. Features his life, career, education, family & children and death.
OFSTED outstanding context shakespeare lessonQuick View

OFSTED outstanding context shakespeare lesson

Fun, interactive carousel lesson which is differentiated (Red-amber-green) and can be used with KS3. This independent lesson works with both low ability & high ability with careful groupings. All resources there (and ready to teach) with a Powerpoint&lesson plan which can be adapted to your own requirements.
Shakespeare - Context and Introduction + MacbethQuick View

Shakespeare - Context and Introduction + Macbeth

An engaging introduction to Shakespearean context, particularly around the theme of the supernatural in Macbeth. The lesson makes use of non-fiction sources including pictures, videos and articles to draw out an understanding of common beliefs at the time. Although this lesson focuses on Macbeth, it would be suitable for a general introduction to life in the Shakespearean era. The lesson is aimed at KS3 and it is fully resourced and ready to go. Differentiation and questioning is provided throughout.
Much ado about nothing ShakespeareQuick View

Much ado about nothing Shakespeare

21 lessons to support the teaching of the whole play. Resources include opportunities to: -explore context - gender, Elizabethan England, -analyse theme and character presentation -get to grips with Shakespeare's language -analyse imagery -explore Shakespearian insults -write non fiction texts -write persuasively -write news reports -role play
Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Activity Pack KS2Quick View

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet Activity Pack KS2

This is a selection of resources to support the story of Romeo and Juliet in the book 'Mr William Shakespeare's Plays' by Marcia Williams. It includes comprehension questions, activity worksheets and character name cards (which can be used for a display or drama activity). I have created resources for most of the plays in this book so please take a look at my other resources or why not buy the bundle? If you find the resources useful please leave a friendly comment. Thank you!
Shakespeare's Othello: Complete KS3 Scheme of WorkQuick View

Shakespeare's Othello: Complete KS3 Scheme of Work

Resource-packed scheme of work on Othello. 15 lessons, all with accompanying powerpoints. Includes a scaffolding worksheet to allow students of all abilities to complete a thorough Literature essay exploring key themes and contextual ideas within the play. Individual lessons explore key themes such as racism, misogyny and tragedy, thus introducing students to quite complex themes in preparation for GCSE. Varied lessons with a number of interactive activities that encourage students to work in expert groups or move around the classroom. Reading Assessment/Essay task: Explore how a key theme is presented and developed across two main scenes of Othello.
Shakespeare an IntroductionQuick View

Shakespeare an Introduction

A great introduction for all years, from 11-16. Includes a sonnet rap battle, a rap v. Shakespeare quiz and a 'Why teach Shakespeare' video clip.
Sonnet 116 by William ShakespeareQuick View

Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare

Bundle includes: *21 slide powerpoint with sharp, detailed focus on analysis of language * Worksheet detailing high level essay exemplars - NOTE: numbers on the essay shows the amount of words written as when used for my student, I was attempting to show how being straightforward/succinct was a more effective and efficient method * A* annotated copy with sharp focus on analysis of structure, form and language