*** EXTRA PAGE ADDED. For completeness, I've added a separate page showing the Characteristics of Learning in the same format.*** This document uses the &'Unique child: observing what a child is learning&'; statements from the newly published 'Development matters in the eyfs&', March 2012. I&';m planning to use it for tracking my nursery and reception children from September (alongside whatever e-profile is produced for us to use in Autumn). Hence I've only included ages 22-36 months, 30-50 months, 40-60 moths & ELG.


  • A unique child - observing what a child is learning.doc
  • Characteristics of effective learning.doc

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    user avatarDonks1a year agoreport

    Thank you! I was about to create this, but thought I would just check to see if someone else had - YAY!

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    user avatarsylviane112 years agoreport

    Has anyone translated the development matters statements into child friendly language/Learning intentions?
    If so, can you share please?! Thank you.

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    Thanks very much. good for quick reference when checking progress and targets.
    Like the different colours which allow you to home in to a given band at a glance.

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    user avatarverers2 years agoreport