2D shape properties top trump card activity

Resources to support lesson on 2D shapes and their properties. There is a notebook file which covers the introduction to the lesson, looking at the properties of a range of shapes. Children then work in small groups or pairs to create a set of top trump cards, thus revising the properties of the shapes. There is also a set of small shapes to cut and stick onto top trump cards, as children do struggle to draw some of the shapes accurately.


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    fionakpa year agoReport

    Looks good - thank you for sharing!

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    Dazmundoa year agoReport

    For those people without Smart Notebook, there is a free online application that will open them for you

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    AG_Hawesa year agoReport

    A really nice notebook which goes through simply the properties of shapes, thank you!

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    jkhouse3 years agoReport

    Sounds good but I don't have Notebook. Any chance of having in PowerPoint or Word Doc too?

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    libby72793 years agoReport