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Genre-Booklets To Aid Children & Teachers In Writing Across The Curriculum

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Here is a summary of how the booklets are organised:

Genre – The purpose of the goal-orientated writing.
Field – Involves people doing things with their lives and sharing it.
Tenor – How to interact with the people you are sharing the writing with.
Mode – Making use of ways to channel your writing.
At least one exemplar text of the register features in action
A ‘Boxing-Up’ planning sheet, showing the stages the genre goes through.

What Impact Have We Seen?

We place these booklets in plastic hanging-baskets on our literacy wall. When children have completed their class-writing, they are welcome to come and take a booklet from the display and write. Children know they have to follow the writing process – as set out here and use the booklet to support them. We have also had a number of booklets go home – with children asking for addition genres which they feel they need to complete tasks outside of school.

These Are Our Main Reflections:

Children no longer seem to require so much support from us. They write more freely and happily.
Children are taking greater care when planning a piece of writing.
Children’s writing is purposeful and always demonstrates features of the genre being written.
Their writing is genuinely informative or entertaining and is often cohesively produced.
Children aren’t so tentative to begin writing.
Children don’t want writing sessions to come to an end – it’s hard to get children to pack away.
Children’s motivation to write has increased dramatically.
Children’s motivation to research and undertake independent study in the foundation subjects has increased dramatically.
Children are reading more critically.
Children are taking writing in the foundations subjects more seriously.
A sharp increase in children taking writing home.
A sharp increase in children purchasing writing-notebooks and writing at home.
Children’s writing outcomes have so far been impressive across ability ranges.
Children are beginning to talk like real writers.

Here Is A List Of Our Current Genre-Booklets:

Narrative Writing
How to write a memoir (recount), match report, short-story, scary/horror story, vivid setting, an interesting character, a memorable and vivid story, a newspaper article, advocacy journalism.

NonFiction Writing
How to write an information text, a book review, instructions, rules, match report, an explanation, a biography, a letter of compliant, a persuasive letter, a persuasive leaflet and advert, a discussion text.

How to write a free-verse poem

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  • HowToDevelopACharacter.pdf
  • HowToWriteAFable.pdf
  • HowToWriteAHorrorOrScaryStory.pdf
  • HowToWriteAShortStory.pdf
  • HowToWriteAVividSetting.pdf
  • WhatYourFavouriteAuthorsDoShortStories.pdf
  • HowToWriteFreeVersePoetry.pdf
  • HowToWriteAboutFootball.pdf
  • HowToWriteAnAdvocacyJournalismReport.pdf
  • HowToWriteANewspaperReport.pdf
  • HowToWriteUpAScienceExperiment.pdf
  • HowToWriteABook-ReviewBooklet.pdf
  • HowToWriteADiscussionTextBooklet.pdf
  • HowToWriteALetterOrEmailOfComplaint.pdf
  • HowToWriteAnExplanationText.pdf
  • HowToWriteAnInformationText.pdf
  • HowToWriteAPersuasiveLeafletOrAdvert.pdf
  • HowToWriteAPersuasiveLetterMagazineArticleorEssay-(3).pdf
  • HowToWriteInstructions.pdf
  • HowToWriteRules.pdf
  • HowToDebateThePast.pdf
  • HowToExplainThePast.pdf
  • HowToWriteABiography.pdf
  • HowToWriteAboutPublicHistoryRecountingThePast.pdf
  • HowToWriteAMemoir.pdf

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