Create a political campaign pamphlet for Barack Obama
Creating a Political Campaign Pamphlet for the President
Assume that President is running for RE-election/ Election and you are a volunteer for his campaign.

You are going to create a total of 2 Pamphlets

1. Create a campaign pamphlet for each one that highlights the achievements of each man
2. Create a pamphlet that could be put out by the opposition to the candidate
a. How would you spin their personal AND political legacies in a negative way’ in a way that would persuade someone to vote AGAINST them?

An “attack” pamphlet might contains:
Negative imagery
Imagery that ties a candidate to something scandalous, or something very negative about their record

Your pamphlet should include:
• Candidates Name
• Nickname (if has one)
• Date of Birth
• Age
• Sex
• Where were they born
• Where do they currently live- or where are they now that they died
• Election they were in: and Who they were against
• Their campaign slogan at the time they were elected
• Political Party they are from
• Parent Background
• Family Life
• Religion
• Race/ Ethnicity
• Education (where did they go to school, what did they major in)
• Career Information (from college to present)
• Major focus for their campaign
• Foreign Affairs (any wars)
• Domestic Affairs- their plan’s name and good they did
• Who was their Vice President
• 3 positive things people liked about them
• 3 negative things- people didn’t
• Give them a theme song and explain why

Grade (15 points each) will be based on:
a. Neatness
b. Creativity
c. Faithfulness to each man’s accomplishments
d. General thoughtfulness and investment in the activity

All day today and _______________ you will have to work. Due date___________________
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